October 28, 2015
Craft beer lovers unite in Austin this week.

Craft beer lovers unite in Austin this week.

If there is one thing that Austin culinary arts students and beer lovers adore (other than beer), it’s Austin Beer Week. Now in its sixth year, Austin Brew Week is produced by the Texas Craft Brewers Guild, a nonprofit that supports the Texas craft brewing community.

Austin Beer Week 2015 started Oct. 23 and runs through Nov. 1. It consists of events ranging from keg lifting contests to special menus meant to pair with Texas beers. Brewers from all over the area spend those 10 days running from event to event to celebrate the awesome beer culture that Texas has. Whether participating beer-fantatics want to try to hit every event or just stop by a participating bar for a new brew, Austin Beer Week has something for even the most casual of drinkers.

How does Austin Beer Week work?
Various events throughout the Austin are for 10 days are dedicated to craft beer. The events may revolve around a different kind of beer, like a tap takeover of exclusively barrel-aged beers, or a cider night to celebrate fall. There may be beers specifically designed to go well with the menu at a restaurant on tap, or since it’s the week of Halloween, there will be plenty of Halloween-focused events.

Austin Beer Week has begun to take on a life of its own. With more and more venues not associated with breweries joining in on the fun, the events are less uniform than they were before. Each event and its cost is usually set by the venue hosting the event. Most of them don’t have an entry fee, you just have to buy your beer. Others, like bigger events may have an entry or participation fee.

Stay safe this week
Austin has a plethora of transportation options to cut down on drunk driving. From cabs, to pedicabs, to services that drive your car home, there is no need to worry about how you’ll get home after downing a couple of high-gravity brews this week. Sober Rides Austin is even offering free cab rides up to $30 the weekend of Halloween.

There are 29 participating venues, 20 breweries and brew pubs and 18 eateries, three retail stores participating in Austin Beer Week, so it’s kind of a big deal. Get more information on participating breweries and events here.