August 11, 2015

4-ways-to-use-beer-in-cookingCities across the nation are hopping on the craft brewery train and Austin is no different. Ranked No. 8 on Travel and Leisure’s list for America’s Best Beer Cities, the city of Austin is known for its contribution to the craft-beer scene. No matter if you’re looking for a full tour or just want to stop by for a drink, these breweries have your back:

If you’re studying culinary arts in Austin or are just a beer enthusiast, make sure to take a trip to see what all the fuss is about. Cheers!

Austin Beer Works
The staff at this location is dedicated to providing you with more than just refreshing beer. Austin Beer Works is a green company, only producing beer in cans, not bottles, because it has less of an impact on the environment. In addition, the cans keep the beer colder and fresher for longer. Staff members don’t all have backgrounds in brewing beer, in fact, most don’t. The brewery has a plethora of seasonal favorites that are fully stocked for its thirsty customers. In addition, Austin Beer Works hosts a rotation of Austin’s best food trucks throughout the week. That way, you can combine a great meal with an amazing beer. Check out the brewery’s hours and head over for a visit and a memorable day.

Independence Brewery Co.
This joint was started back in 2001 by Amy and Rob Cartwright. They were determined to make their own rules and brew their own beer. After a long process, their dream finally came true in October 2004 when Independence Brewing Co. officially opened for business. Here they foster their passion into the brewery, and it shows. Try the RedBud Berliner Weisse Stats as it is currently in season. Combine it with a salmon dish for a crisp finish.

Thirsty Planet Brewery
Good, old-fashioned lovers of beer look no further: Thirsty Planet Brewery is the place for you. Thirsty Planet donates to many of Austin’s local charities and contributes spent grain to local farmers for animal feed. In addition, all of the glass and paper products used at the brewery are recycled. One of its most popular beers is the seasonal pepper beer called Hatcha’dillo. Thirsty Planet recommends drinking it with any food that has hatch green chilies in it – really, anything.

For students of the culinary arts, breweries are an environment to learn outside of the classroom. You can ask the brewers questions, taste test a multitude of beers for yourself and be inspired to pair drinks with dishes.