November 15, 2014

Bon appetit's Thanksgiving guide is full of helpful tips and advice to spice up your holiday while keeping tradition alive and well. Not everyone is attending a Boulder culinary school and can easily throw together an incredible meal for the entire extended family. Some find that the upcoming holidays require months of planning and stress. For those people, and chefs interested in some extra creative cooking tips, Bon Appetit has made a Thanksgiving guide. We’ve taken a look and want to share a few of our favorite parts.

Thanksgiving sides
Obviously the turkey isn’t the only part of the big meal, you’ve got to have sides. While we love the stuffing, cranberries and sweet potatoes that we’ve been having annually since birth, why not spice it up a bit and stray from the usual? This helpful archive includes ways to dress up stuffing (think: cornbread with fennel and sausage or Swiss chard with olives, raisins and pine nuts) and a plethora of recipes from “South of the Mason-Dixon Line” that use ingredients like benne seeds, ham, sorghum and butter. There is a recipe for hard-cider gravy that we cannot wait to try.

Pie clearly has its place on the Thanksgiving table. And yes, we love Aunt Mary Beth’s pecan just as much this year as we did last, if not more. But there’s room for innovation next to that holiday staple. Don’t fight the pecan, just bring another delicious dish to the table. This compilation includes alternative pie recipes (like spiced vanilla custard with sweet potato streusel and salted-butter apple galette with maple whipped cream) and other sweets like cran-apple jellies and Greek yogurt cheesecake with pomegranate syrup. There’s even a recipe that combines our favorite parts of the holiday: cranberries and pie. There’s also a list of where to purchase pies for those who prefer to focus their expertise on the rest of the meal and don’t have the time (or the energy) for the dessert part of the holiday.

25 ways to make Thanksgiving better
Our favorite part of the whole guide? The list of 25 ways to make Thanksgiving better. With advice like serving a house drink, keeping traditions but tweaking them and making sure to stand your ground in the kitchen how could you not want to try several of these excellent tips? We also appreciate tip No.19, “Take a year off,” which suggests skipping the traditional holiday for a year in favor of going to an ethnic restaurant or flying to a foreign city instead. Everyone needs a break now and then, you know?

The guide features the images for the cover of the November issue and mentions the magazine staff couldn’t choose their favorite cover, a luscious roast turkey or a sumptuous dish of creamy buttery mashed potatoes. We can’t decide either. Check out the guide and you’ll understand.