February 3, 2015

The newest location of a popular upscale tavern is coming to Colorado Springs.Much to the pleasure of Colorado culinary school students, one of the state’s most celebrated breweries of the last few decades has made news by opening another restaurant location. According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, C.B. & Potts has chosen the northern Colorado city as the location for its next eatery, and is expecting to attract a wide array of guests from the area including beer enthusiasts, fans of its phenomenal American fare and local foodies. The restaurant, which opened its doors for the first time on Monday, Jan. 26, 2015, is already making waves among residents of the area and generating rave reviews.

C.B. & Potts
According to its website, C.B. & Potts already has nearly 40 years of experience building a trusted brand in the greater Colorado area. The restaurant and tavern opened the doors of its first location all the way back in 1974 in Fort Collins. Over the years that have passed, it has become an established favorite among Coloradans from many cities, as the brand has expanded to operate seven locations in total. The restaurant chain is advertised as a ‘deluxe tavern’ offering its own craft beers as well as an impressive array of both domestic and international brews. Of course, all of this is paired with its wonderful takes on classic American dishes including gourmet hamburgers, wings and more.

The new restaurant
The first C.B. & Potts location to be opened in Colorado Springs presents an exciting addition to the area. The tavern is found at 261 Kaycee Place. An addition to the Polaris Pointe Retail Complex, the restaurant will join a number of other new businesses aimed at driving consumer revenue in that part of the city. The menu for the newest location will mirror those of the other six C.B. & Potts establishments, boasting burgers, pasta, ribs, steaks and salad as well as seafood dishes. The eclectic menu is thought to be an attempt to bring in a wider demographic of customers, including those whose first choice for a dinner venue might not be a traditional bar. If the success seen by the first six locations is any indication, the restaurant should see a strong customer base in Colorado Springs.

Community impact
Perhaps even more important than the impressive addition that the restaurant makes to the Colorado Springs community is the impact that C.B. & Potts has had on the state. According to its website, they currently employ more than 400 individuals between its restaurants, brewing operations and corporate events. Always involved in the state’s culinary scene, the restaurant and brewery are a mainstay at local food and beer festivals and are expected to continue this tradition with the move to Colorado Springs.