January 28, 2014

Chi'Lantro food truck to open first brick and mortar locationChi’Lantro, the Austin food truck brand behind the popular kimchi fries, is planning on opening its first brick and mortar location. According to Eater, the new eatery won’t be a full-sized restaurant, but a take-out window. The 200-square-branch will have the “the feel of a truck,” Jae Kim, owner of Chi’Lantro, told the source.

If you aren’t familiar with this food establishment, it is known around town for its Korean-Mexican fusion fare. According to Eater, the lack of food truck docking space inspired the owner to create the take-out kiosk, which is projected to open in the spring. Additionally, Kim plans on opening a full-sized restaurant with an expanded menu.

Chi’Lantro’s claim to fame is its menu full of Korean barbecue and Mexican dishes. The establishment’s chefs offer bulgogi? tacos and Seoul burritos that are filled with an Asian salad and staple items like fried eggs, cilantro (of course) and lime-buttered rice.

A trip to the food truck on its own is a great way to supplement your Austin culinary arts program. See how the flavors of this fusion cuisine balance out, and use this inspiration to create your own mashups.