April 29, 2014

Dean Fearing discusses his new cookbook The Texas Food BibleChef Dean Fearing is somewhat of a legend when it comes to Texas cuisine. In fact, Fearing is known as “The Father of Southwestern Cuisine.” He’s the creator and chef at Fearing’s Restaurant in Dallas, which has been named Restaurant of the Year and Table of the Year by Esquire Magazine, and No. 1 in Hotel Dining by the Zagat Survey. Fearing’s establishment was even nominated by the prestigious James Beard Foundation for Best New Restaurant.

A quick look into the life of Dean Fearing
Fearing spent much of his culinary career at The Mansion on Turtle Creek, a sophisticated hotel located in Dallas. It wasn’t until August 2007 that he opened up Fearing’s and was recognized for the bold flavors he created.

Culinary talent is in his blood – Fearing grew up with grandmothers who were passionate about food, and more specifically, Southern cooking. To this day, he continues to use family recipes and traditional Texas fare, like cilantro, tomatillos, jicama and dried chilies to create dynamic cuisine that customers can’t get enough of. Fearing’s most recent project was a new cookbook called “The Texas Food Bible.”

The ins and outs of Fearing’s culinary book
Fearing’s new cookbook can be purchased starting April 29. You’ll be able to make his infamous tortilla soup that he first served at The Mansion on Turtle Creek. You’ll also be able to whip up traditional dishes like Texas chili, fried chicken and street tacos. Enroll in an Austin culinary arts program to develop the skills needed to create advanced Texas-inspired cuisine.

In his book, Fearing talks about the evolution of Southwestern cuisine, and how it’s ever-changing. The ingredients might have remained the same over the years, but the way in which those ingredients are being used has evolved. Upon opening up the book, you’ll see that the first section covers sauces, vinegars and salsas. Fearing and his editor decided this would be best because readers can then pick the sauce they want to use, and then pair it up with a recipe they would like to try out. This may not have the same layout as a traditional cookbook, but Fearing feels it gives his readers more creativity in creating their own unique dishes.

Southwestern cuisine and its accompanying methods, like barbecuing and grilling, are really making their way across the country. Fearing explained that he’s starting to see more good barbecue joints throughout New York and even Iowa. Wood-smoking and real fire grills are being used more and more by chefs.