February 9, 2015

Here's where to look for some of the best cheese in Colorado.Barring dairy intolerances, it seems that almost everyone likes one or two kinds of cheese. This is probably due at least partially to the fact that cheese is an extremely varied food, with so many different varieties, how could you not like it. With this in mind, cheese has become something of an institution on a state by state level. Wisconsin residents pride themselves thoroughly on their ability to produce some of the best cheeses in the world, but they aren’t the only state with an impressive dairy game. As it would happen, Colorado’s plethora of dairy farms and sustainable farming operations, paired with the state’s burgeoning foodie community, has given birth to some incredible cheese shops. With so many options, it can be hard to determine where to begin looking for the best cheese in the state. No need to worry though, if you’re on a quest to find incredible cheese in Colorado, you can start by checking out these farms and shops:

Cheese Importers Warehouse
One of the best options in the entire state for incredible variety and presentation, the Cheese Importers Warehouse in Longmont has garnered an impressive following. According to CBS Local Denver, the shop doesn’t just take its name from the variety of cheeses available for sale, but rather from the fact that it is housed in a true, 7,000 square foot warehouse. If you’re looking to take in a worldly, comprehensive approach to cheese, then this is the place for you. The warehouse not only specializes in providing some of the best cheeses in Colorado, but also imports interesting and opulent cheese products from all across the U.S. and the world at large. In addition to their cheese selection, the store also sells a variety of breads and meats to pair with your meal. Stop in and try some new cheeses or find the perfect gift for the dairy enthusiast in your life.

The Truffle Cheese Shop
Are you a student enrolled in cooking classes in Boulder looking for a decadent cheese to add to your next meal? Look no further, the Truffle Cheese Shop, winner of the Denver A-List’s Best Cheese Shops of 2014, undoubtedly has what you need. Located in downtown Denver on East 6th Avenue, this shop specializes in small-batch, rare cheeses, so you know you can always find something new and interesting when you walk through the door. If you’re looking for something to complement a fondue, then you’ve come to the right place. In addition, The Truffle Cheese Shop also carries a wide array of craft charcuterie and meats, making it the perfect place to stock up on delicious snacks for your next cocktail party.

Mondo Market
Found just off of Brighton Boulevard, Mondo Market is a wonderful stop for Colorado locals or tourists passing through Denver. The store offers a wide array of domestic and foreign cheeses in addition to producing some of their own. With a phenomenal, aesthetically-pleasing atmosphere, the market gives off an impression that seems more like a regal kitchen then a store. Swing in to try some of the latest cheeses with a glass of wine or peruse their great selection of meats and spices to determine what you need to round out your kitchen perfectly. A great place to find holiday gifts for all the culinary aficionados on your list, Mondo Market is a must see.