January 13, 2014

Food trends that defined 2013The beginning of a new year is often a time for looking forward to new things. But sometimes it can also be a time to turn back and take a close look at what happened in the previous year.

In the context of food and dining, trends come and go as often and as quickly as they do in almost any other industry, so it’s important to take stock of them before they go out of style. With that in mind, let’s look back on some food trends from 2013 as we progress into 2014.

The sunnyside up egg on everything
Culinary program graduates love using barely cooked egg yolk because it can add a bit of fat and flavor to many dishes. Those attributes helped make adding eggs to dishes a craze over the past year to the point it seems sunnyside up has become as ubiquitous a topping as salt or shaved cheese. As chefs try to add some zest to their dishes in the new year, they may start looking for alternatives to the runny egg yolk.

The sriracha craze
Hipsters across America helped turn sriracha into a verifiable fad in 2013. The hot sauce provides a different kind of kick than its counterparts, and foodies across the nation began adding it to everything under the sun. It became so popular that the California company that manufactures much of the nation’s supply almost ran out of product in the summer of 2013, creating a temporary panic among hot sauce aficionados.

Photographing food
This might be one trend that rests more with patrons than chefs, and its origins stretch back well before 2013. Nonetheless, 2013 became the year of photographing your food. Whether it was out of a desire to turn meals into an artistic experience, or just an attempt by diners to fill up their social media accounts with their latest culinary adventures, taking artsy photos of food was one of the hottest trends of the past year.

Truffle oil
Truffle oil is delicious, but it also has an incredibly strong flavor. In an effort to add some zing to their dishes without making them fattier or less healthy, many chefs started putting truffle oil (which is rarely derived from actual truffles) to use in a plethora of dishes. It remains to be seen if this trend will continue into 2014, but for now it is a staple of kitchens across the country.