November 21, 2014

Frank to expand to San AntonioAs all true culinary enthusiasts know, there’s a lot to be said for inventive cuisine. Discovering new tastes and takes on dishes is one of the things that makes the realm of food so worth exploring. Nonetheless, sometimes the best way to be inventive is to simply select a classic dish or entree and present it extraordinarily well. For years, that’s been the mode of operations over at Frank, a popular hot dog and sausage joint. Well, now, even more foodies and students enrolled in chef schools in Texas will have the opportunity to taste the delicacies coming out of the Frank kitchen. According to Eater, the restaurant will be expanding, opening it’s second location in San Antonio. Check out some of the details:

The expansion
The management over at Frank has picked a very interesting location for its second restaurant. My San Antonio has reported that the establishment will be set in a historic church in the Southtown neighborhood of the city. The structure formerly served as the Alamo Methodist Church and is located at 1150 S. Alamo Street. Apparently, the space has already served several commercial purposes since ceasing to be a place of worship. Throughout that span, it has played host to at least two other restaurants, The San Antone Cafe and Casbeers. It is the hope of the brass at Frank and their faithful customers that they’ll be successful enough to stay in the space for quite a while. In a statement emailed to Eater, co-owner Geoff Preveto expressed his enthusiasm regarding the new space and the expansion as a whole.

“We had an opportunity to move into a really amazing space. After meeting with members of the King William community and checking out the really cool things happening there it made sense to us,” the statement read. “San Antonio has a great history and the Southtown area was once called ‘Sauerkraut Bend’ so bringing sausage and beer to South Alamo is a natural fit for us.”

In order to accommodate the transition, Preveto’s counterpart and Frank co-owner Daniel Northcutt will be pulling up his roots in Austin and relocating his family to San Antonio. There, he will oversee the Frank operation for the foreseeable future. It is expected that the second incarnation of the restaurant will offer the complete menu that the Austin space has curated, including its many famous hot dogs and sausages, chicken and waffles, poutine, tortas, waffle fries and broad beer selection.

Other Frank news 
Frank has been a sponsor of the Fun Fun Fun Fest for years. Each time the annual event rolls around it sells an abbreviated menu at the fairgrounds with one item based off of a headlining performer. Past years have seen hot dogs and sausages influenced by Run DMC and Snoop Dogg. This year, according to Austin360, it offered a Judas Priest Turbo Dog in honor of the group’s album, Turbo. The dog cost $250 and was described mysteriously on the menu with the phrase “roll the dice.” One kindred spirit, apparently, chose to order the item and was given a plain mustard dog, a giftcard for free hotdogs for the duration of the festival and $500 in $100 bills. Call it his lucky day.