December 29, 2014

Houston restaurants offer low tech discount. In a move that may seem strange to some students of Texas culinary arts schools, a couple of Houston-area restaurants have unveiled an exciting new discount opportunity to their customers. While most discounts tend to deal more with such factors as the size of one’s party, how early they make their reservations and exactly what combination of menu items they order, the owner of two establishment has decided to unveil one centered around something that should never be forgotten, especially during the holidays: family time.

Gerry Sarmiento, the owner of two restaurants in the Houston suburb Cypress, began his discount program on Monday, Dec. 22, 2014. According to The Brownsville Herald, Sarmiento has offered to cut 20 percent of his patrons’ total bills for several days if they are willing to dine without access to their electronics. Guests are given the opportunity to turn their cell phones, iPads, laptops and more into the custody of his staff upon entering. By doing so, they are entitled to having one fifth of their bill struck away.

Sarmiento’s establishments in Cypress are, Mezzanotte and Piqueo. The former is a family-friendly Italian eatery, while Piqueo focuses on delivering Latin American cuisine. While it’s unclear how long the restaurants will run the discount program for, Sarmiento has indicated that he will continue the program at least through the end of business hours on Tuesday, Dec. 23, 2014.

While the discount is certainly charming, the background of Mezzanotte makes it somewhat unsurprising. According to the restaurant’s website, Sarmiento began the eatery after a longstanding career in corporate business because he desired to do more work that involved direct interaction with people. If you’re in Houston, put the cell phone away and head out to Cypress for a great discounted meal.