March 17, 2014

Houston's Popcorn Bar puts a new spin on this popular snackYou may have heard of unique popcorn flavors such as caramel and white cheddar, but what about cherry limeade or Parmesan garlic? The Popcorn Bar, located in Houston, aims to change how everyone looks at this light and airy snack. In fact, they’re transforming this salty food to fit into the dessert category.

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Experts believe this trend may even surpass the popularity of cupcakes. Brides and grooms are even opting to have popcorn bars at their weddings for the perfect salty and sweet late-night snack for their guests. After all, popcorn lasts longer, is easier to store and is much healthier than most other options. Popcorn is also taking center stage at other events, such as birthday parties and graduation get-togethers. Even schools and nonprofits are taking advantage of the healthy snack. Schools are offering grab ‘n go packs for kids, while nonprofits are selling popcorn as part of a fundraising effort. The Popcorn Bar is just one of many establishments putting a focus on this popular snack. If you’re ever in Houston, give these popular flavors a try:

Strawberry cheesecake
If you’re in the mood for a decadent slice of cheesecake, you can satisfy your taste buds without all of the added fat and sugar. Simply reach for a handful of The Popcorn Bar’s strawberry cheesecake popcorn. Each kernel is coated with a combination of cheesecake and strawberry flavoring.

Jalapeno cheddar
Do you like a bit of kick in your snacks? Then you may love this spicy and savory variety of popcorn. The kernels are covered in dark orange-powdered cheddar cheese and accompanied with a jolt of jalapeno flavoring.

You may even want to try combining salty and sweet varieties for a harmonious mouthful of popcorn. Combine the classics like caramel and butter, or get creative by joining together Butterfinger popcorn with hot and spicy cheese kernels. You could also try the Oreo and peanut butter popcorn for a classically delicious combination. Make your own popcorn varieties by enrolling in a culinary school.