May 16, 2014

In the mood for some authentic Japanese cuisineIn the mood for some authentic Japanese cuisine? You don’t have to go far to get some – head over to the Lucky Robot where you can enjoy Japanese dishes made from scratch using fresh ingredients. Sushi and yuzu miso glazed salmon and okonomiyaki are just two traditional dishes you can enjoy. But chefs offer cuisine that is outside the box as well, offering customers Asian tacos and tuna nachos. The Lucky Robot is continuing to push the boundaries, providing patrons with additional menu items just for the fresh spring season.

The culture of Japanese street food
Customers are encourage to take advantage of the sunny weather and the Luck Robot’s comfortable seating with several new dishes inspired by authentic Japanese street food. Japan is a nation that is commonly known for its street food scene where you can find different miniature restaurants that close up every night and disappear until the next day when they set up shop for another successful business day. You can often enjoy foods like bacon maki – bacon wrapped around asparagus, okra or green pepper and then grilled and served with mayonnaise or ponzu sauce. Another common street food is motsunabe, a dish made from beer or pork and contains cabbage, leeks and chili peppers in a soy broth. Then of course there’s tempura, which is seafood or vegetables that have been battered and deep-fried. Enroll in Austin culinary arts courses to learn more about Japanese street food and how to replicate it.

Menu items
The menu items inspired by Japanese street food are just as full on flavor and texture as the items you would see on the streets of Japan. Customers can order steamed pork buns which are topped with fresh pickles, cilantro and hoisin. There’s also the karaage chicken, which is marinated for 24 hours. The result is tender white meat surrounded by a crispy exterior. It’s served with steamed rice, vibrantly colored herbs and a spicy chile sauce for the perfect flavor kick.

If you’re a big taco fan, you’ll want to try any one of the Lucky Robot’s four fusion tacos. They might be filled with unconventional ingredients, but they’re a big hit with patrons. The Happy Hippie is vegetarian-friendly and is filled with shiitake mushroom bacon. The Love Replica taco includes ahi tuna, cranberries, wasabi aioli and creamy avocado. Feel free to order your meal right when you sit down – the restaurant has iPads that you can use to order upon immediately sitting down at your table.