June 17, 2014

Kim and Jake's will present their gluten-free cookies at this year's Food & Wine Classic in Aspen.Whether you’re enrolled in an Boulder culinary arts program or just a fan of good cuisine, you’ve probably heard of the Aspen for Food & Wine Classic. This annual event, which takes place from June 20 through 22 in 2014, is a highlight among the culinary world, inviting people from all over the world to experience the creative products of celebrity chefs, culinary luminaries, brewers and winemakers among the gorgeous, mountain-filled setting of Aspen, Colorado. Only the best of the best are chosen to offer their gourmet delights at this renowned event. The Boulder food community is delighted to hear┬áthat one of its favorite local establishments – Kim and Jake’s – has been invited to attend the event.

The start of the bakery
Kim and Jake’s is the only gluten-free bakery in Boulder, and it’s one of the most acclaimed of its kind in the country. It’s run by the Rosenbarger family, a husband and wife duo (they also let their son August join the fun) that opened a bakery in 2010 – it was not gluten-free at the time. The establishment quickly became the city’s No. 1 bakery, but only two years after opening, Jake, a former professional cyclist, was diagnosed with Celiac disease. The condition damaged the small intestine’s lining, making it difficult to absorb nutrients from food. This damage is caused by the digestion of gluten, which means someone with Celiac like Jake can’t eat wheat, rye or barley.

While in the kitchen, Jake would have severe allergic reactions to working around gluten, and he was forced to wear a Hazmat mask to do his work. This is when he began experimenting with gluten-free baked goods, and by spring 2014 the family had completely removed gluten from its menu. Popularity didn’t die down after this risky move. In fact, they have continued to grow in popularity and now offer products not just out of the storefront but also at Whole Foods Markets throughout the Rocky Mountain region and area restaurants. They also distribute to international locations through an online store.

A growing success
The bakery has been racking up a plethora of accolades lately. In April 2014, it was featured in Food & Wine magazine, which presents the classic every year, calling attention to Kim and Jake’s delicious vindaloo spice cake topped with a Thai-curry caramel icing. 5280 magazine, The Daily Camera and The Denver Post have also lauded the bakery for its unique and creative confections.

So, it’s no big surprise that Kim and Jake’s will present its cookies, breads and cakes at the 2014 Food & Wine Classic. Colorado culinary arts school students interested in attending the Food & Wine Classic are out of luck, because tickets have already sold out for 2014. But those who visit Whole Foods on May 30 have a chance to taste the cookies that will be presented at the classic and congratulate the couple on their success. There will be a Whole Foods Market party featuring not only the bakery’s items but also foods from other restaurants from the area, specially chosen to complement Kim and Jake’s baked goods.

You can also taste their gluten-free products at local restaurants any time of the year. Danver’s Pizzeria Locale, for example, uses the bakery’s pizza dough for its gluten-free pies. The Kitchen in Boulder also features some of their tasty sweets and, of course, Whole Foods offers Kim and Jake’s goods all year round. As Jake expressed in a press release, the couple are thrilled for the opportunity to showcase their products alongside some of the world’s best chefs.

“We are thrilled to return to Aspen for Food & Wine,” said Jake. “And we are grateful to Whole Foods Market, which carries a number of our products, for inviting us to their big party.”