December 9, 2014

donationPhilanthropy at any level can be a wonderful thing. Still, every now and again a donation is made that’s simply so staggering in its volume that one can’t help but take a step back and admire the raw selflessness of the act. That’s certainly the case with a recent story out of the Lone Star State. Students of chef schools in Texas are more than likely already familiar with H-E-B, a popular chain of grocery stores with locations spanning the state. Well, now they have one more reason to love the food shop, as it has recently announced donations of an incredible size that will do a ton to benefit the less fortunate this winter.

The donation
According to the San Antonio Business Journal, the popular grocer will be donating food totaling more than 2 million meals this holiday season, with various food banks across the state on the receiving end. The donations will come in several installments over the course of the coming weeks, with all of the food being delivered before the new year rings in 2015. Apparently, the grocer is already off to a running start in its charitable gesture, as the first truckloads of food were delivered to the San Antonio Food Bank on Wednesday, Dec. 3, 2014. Among other staples in this round of the donation were over 36,000 boxes of macaroni and cheese in addition to more than 6,000 boxes of corn flakes.

Impressive numbers
While the large delivery made to the San Antonio Food Bank is certainly an incredible gesture, it represents only the beginning of the charity being displayed by H-E-B this winter. MySanAntonio has indicated that there will be 14 other recipients of these donations, all of them food banks across the state. In fact, when all is said and done, the total value of the donations is said to be roughly $600,000. While it’s difficult to speculate on exactly how many individuals this could have the power to affect (depending on how each food bank chooses to distribute their newfound donations), it’s undeniable that the difference will certainly be felt by those in need.

The program
H-E-B began this philanthropic program, now known as the H-E-B Food Bank Assistance Program, more than thirty years ago. In the three-plus decades that it has been in existence, the program has served as a driving force to raise awareness of hunger and poverty in both Texas and Mexico, the grocer’s predominant sales territories. While the program always hits something of a spike during the holiday season, it also operates on an annual basis. In 2013, for example, H-E-B donations in both countries totaled more than $46 million in total worth and roughly 35 million meals. Danny Flores, a spokesman for H-E-B, elaborated on the company’s stance in a statement to ABC San Antonio affiliate KSAT.

“It’s a time for family, friends and there’s no reason kids or the elderly should have to worry where their next meal is coming from this time of the season,” said Flores.