December 2, 2014

The Raul Jimenez Thanksgiving dinner occurred in San Antonio. If you’re a student currently taking classes in cooking schools in Texas, then the odds are decent that you’ve already heard of the Raul Jimenez Thanksgiving Dinner. For more than three decades, the annual event has been a beacon of philanthropy and generosity in the Texas city, distributing dinners to the less fortunate every year. In addition to benefiting those who may not have the resources to put together their own Thanksgiving dinner, the event has also become a prime opportunity for volunteer service in the San Antonio area. In fact, according to Gannett News Affiliate KENS San Antonio, the event attracted more than 5,000 volunteers in 2014.

If you think the number of volunteers that showed out for the event is impressive, wait until you catch wind of the amount of food these well-wishing individuals served up. MySanAntonio has reported that the dinner fed nearly 25,000 different people this year, which is apparently on par with the past several years. To give you a sense of what that looks like in terms of a menu, the dinner is said to have featured roughly 9,400 pounds of turkey, 32,000 rolls, 650 pounds of gravy, over 6,000 pounds of stuffing and green beans, more than 4,000 pounds of cranberry sauce and 3,000 pumpkin pies.

The feast is named for the late Raul Jimenez, a businessman who lived and worked in San Antonio for much of his life. He began the tradition nearly 35 years ago by inviting the needy, the homeless and anyone who wanted to come out to his company’s warehouse for a free dinner. The event has grown exponentially over the years, becoming one of the hallmark staples of generosity and kindness within the greater San Antonio area.