August 30, 2014

BBQ Restaurants open in RichardsonTexas Culinary school students looking to stay up to date with the latest in the state’s incredible culinary scene need to add Ten 50 BBQ to their list of places to visit. Having just opened on Monday, Aug. 18, the restaurant is the latest project of Larry Lavine. If that name sounds familiar to you at all, there’s a good reason for that. Lavine is best known for founding one of America’s most successful chain franchises, Chili’s.

Ten 50, however, will take a very different approach to the culinary industry than Lavine’s better known venture . He is aiming to match the standards of some of the greatest barbecue restaurants in the Lone Star State. Judging by a statement he gave to the Dallas Observer, it seems as though he feels he’s already accomplished that.

“Franklin’s in Austin is the gold standard and we think we’ve matched that,” said Lavine. “We’ve got a phenomenal product.”

Whether or not the restaurant is quite on pace with Franklin’s, a sort of Mecca of Texas barbecue cuisine, they have certainly experienced considerable success in the short period that they’ve been open. On the very first day of operation, Ten 50 had to use an overflow parking lot to deal with the incredible turnout they experienced. The crowds came in droves, according to the Observer, causing the establishment to entirely sell out of food on day one. Impressive, right?

Perhaps the most attractive aspect of the restaurant is that the experience is interactive. Customers are brought out back to the cook pits and smokers to pick their meat directly out of the cooking circle. Their selection is then weighed and given a corresponding barcode that indicates its price. Regardless of whether you think Ten 50 has what it takes to match Franklin’s, it’s building a name for itself on the Texas barbecue map.