This Event Has Ended

637 South Broadway, Suite H, Boulder, CO 80305 U.S.A

Kick off the big game’s weekend by joining our open house in Boulder, CO. Enjoy entertaining culinary demonstrations hosted by Escoffier Chef Instructors. Wings will be the game day staple showcased including recipes and ingredients spanning across the globe.

If you are exploring culinary school and interested in attending Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, we welcome you to join us for this special event. Don’t miss out on the chance to see what it could be like to be a culinary student at Escoffier!

Demonstrations with Escoffier:

  • Wings from Around the Globe: U.S., Korean, Thai, Teriyaki, Za’atar, Harissa, BBQ- Texas, Kansas, St. Louis, Carolina, Nashville, Caribbean, Old El Paso
  • Flour and Corn Nachos with Plant-Based Cheese Sauce
  • Churros

To add to the experience, you will have the opportunity to sample these delicious dishes.

We hope to see you there!