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637 S Broadway, Suite H, Boulder, CO 80305 U.S.A

Hone your cooking skills and take continuing education classes at our Boulder Educators Workshop July 22-23, 2022. This two-day workshop is a great way to refresh your culinary skills, mingle with other high school educators and enjoy a productive afternoon of learning and fun. Join us for an opening meet and greet on July 22nd to get to know and mingle with other high school educators. Registration will close Friday, July 22nd at 8 AM.

Why Attend?
Take continued education classes

Who Can Attend?
High school culinary instructors

Workshop Overview:

On Friday Escoffier Executive Chef Bob Scherner will hold an insightful lecture and demo on risotto. Saturday will include a trip to tour Boulder Farmers Market. Afterward, with the help of Escoffier Chef Steve Harden, we will make a composed dish using the risotto recipe demoed the previous day. This is followed by an informative culinary lecture by Chef Steve.

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Have questions, please contact Chef Steve Harden at [email protected]