May 11, 2018

Each of your pastry assignments will contain 3 steps (see below). These steps help ensure our chef educators provide accurate feedback and grading. Each assignment assessment includes voice feedback from one of our chef educators.

  • Step 1: Narrative– Provide a summary of the assignment (lessons learned, insights gained, triumphs and problems)
  • Step 2: Pictures– Each assignment contains a guide of photos that should be taken while you complete the technique. Example: your mise-en-place, a close up picture of your swiss buttercream, a photo of cookie dough on the sheet pan before entering the oven.
  • Step 3: Flavor Journal– Our program trains you extensively on creating your flavor memories so students can build their own palettes for consistencies, textures, and aromas. In order to accurately teach our students how to do this, each assignment requires a detailed explanation of the above characteristics of your dish.
  • Step 4: Grading – After you’ve submitted your assignment, our chef educators will carefully review your work and provide grading in the form of video feedback detailing your triumphs and areas of improvement. These videos are yours to keep and review as you see fit, during and after your education with Escoffier.