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Auguste Escoffier Schools promote initiatives such as sustainable farming and farm-to-table philosophies that address the intricacies and challenges of sourcing and serving local, seasonal food.

Our programs have been designed to help you quickly acquire the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to pursue your chosen career in the culinary arts. Class sizes are limited, so you'll get personalized attention from professional chef educators dedicated to passing down the traditions and techniques of the forefather of modern cuisine, Auguste Escoffier.

Plus, you'll graduate with access to a lifetime of professional career services, benefits and support, including part-time culinary jobs arranged in conjunction with your studies, placement assistance throughout the culinary industry and networking opportunities with alumni & industry professionals.

  • 160 Escoffier Learning Techniques
  • Affordable Programs
  • Lifelong Support for Culinary Careers
  • Responsibility of Sustainability
  • A Small School with a Big Heart!


At the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, you'll join a growing community of individuals who'll share your enthusiasm for discovering, learning and practicing professional culinary skills


Kim Boos,
Pastry Arts, April 2003
"Culinary school gave me the foundation to build my career. The instructors provide real life tips and formulas I could never get from books. My co-workers are surprised by how much help the school has given me throughout my career."
Theo Adley,
2007 Graduate
Chef/Owner, The Pinyon Restaurant, Boulder, CO
“My experience at culinary school was an invaluable asset to my culinary knowledge. The farm-to-table idea is an integral part of my own culinary philosophy and the emphasis they put on it is inspirational. I have had experience of working in top kitchens in Colorado and I have brought culinary school with me into all of them."