Why Chefs Are Learning To Love Blood Sausage

You’d be surprised just how flavorful and practical blood sausage can be.
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4 Tips For Mincing Meat

Minced meat can be used to create anything from sauces and burgers to meatloaf and bakes.
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The Unique Heat of Confit

Whether used for poultry, pork or something more unusual, confit achieves exceptionally tender, moist and flavorful results
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The Internet’s Most Viral Foods

Here are some of the most viral foods of this day and age, that people in online culinary certificate programs can take not from.

Improvising Your Dishes

Here's why you should try setting the cookbook aside and exploring the possibilities.
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Cooking For Texture

Chefs strive to produce dishes with appealing texture as well as taste.

Choosing Your Town Based On Culinary Heritage

Recent graduates of culinary academy can work almost anywhere. Here's how to choose your next home based on its culinary traditions. 
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4 Personal Cooking Tips from Big-Time Chefs

While it's important for young chefs to blaze their own trail, it's just as vital to learn skills from others to improve your culinary work. 
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Should Chefs Receive Tips?

A debate is raging in the restaurant industry about just who receives a cut of tips and how much. 
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The Boulder Campus’ 2016 Recipe Competition Winners

Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts high school recipe competition winners.
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