Foundational Knife Skills With Chef Curtis Duffy

Curtis Duffy displays foundational culinary skills and knife techniques in this instructional video.
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How to Cube a Potato

In this series Escoffier Chef, Eric Longhini will demonstrate how to make cube cuts on a potato. Master your large, medium, small, brunoise, and fine brunoise cuts with Escoffier Schools.
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How to Sharpen Your Knife

In culinary school and in the industry a sharp knife is your greatest tool in the kitchen. One of the first things taught to us at Escoffier is that a dull knife is much more dangerous than a sharp one and it's important to care for your knives and make sure they are performing. The first step in sharpening your knife is to decide whether or not you need to hone or to stone your knife. Learn from Chef Shawn the proper technique of how to hone and stone your knives.
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