How to prepare for culinary school

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Culinary School Scholarships The Complete Guide cover with a male Escoffier student holding a plated dish

The Complete Guide to Culinary School Scholarships

All about culinary school scholarships in one easy handbook. Find out if you’re eligible and apply for scholarships from across the industry to help support the cost of your education.

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Preparing for a Career in the Culinary or Pastry Arts planner and checklist cover with a female Escoffier student

The Culinary Education Planner & Checklist

Thinking about culinary school, but not sure what steps to take? Get this guide and come up with an education plan, a career plan, and a financial plan to help make your dream a reality.

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How to Become a Chef The Complete Guide cover with a male chef in a kitchen

How to Become a Chef: The Complete Guide

Earning the title of “chef” typically requires more than getting a formal culinary education. In this 53-page eBook, you can get a full set of guidelines to help you plan for your future.

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Is a Culinary or Pastry Career For You cover with a male student in an Escoffier classroom

The Culinary Career Interests Survey

Take this 20-question survey to understand if you could be more suited to a culinary, pastry, or restaurant operations career. Includes assessments for entrepreneurship.

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FAFSA® for Culinary School a step-by-step guide cover with a female Escoffier student in a classroom

FAFSA® for Culinary School Guide

The first step towards seeing if you qualify for financial aid for culinary school is completing the FAFSA®. Follow this step-by-step guide and be on your way today!

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Prepare for Culinary School: Get These Tools Today.

  • Finance Your Education
  • Understand Career Options
  • Learn About Requirements
  • Plan For Your Success
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