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Top 5 Food Presentation Trends For 2017

Here are today's hottest presentation trends and some ideas for how you can make them your own.
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The 2017 Chef’s Pot Luck With Wholesome Wave

Escoffier teams up with celebrity chefs for annual charity event, Chef's Pot Luck.
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Changing The Menu To Fight Food Inflation

Here's what you need to know about compensating for food inflation.
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10 Tools You Need In Your Chef Utility Belt

Here are 10 essential items you should keep at your side whenever you're in the kitchen.
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How To Interview For A Restaurant Job

Here are some tips to guide you as you apply for the job and get ready for the interview.
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Are Cured Egg Yolks The New Parmesan?

Cured egg yolks are packed with complex flavor, have an appealingly firm texture and are ideal for putting a fresh twist on familiar pasta dishes.
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3 Strategies For Receiving Useful Guest Feedback

Choosing the right strategies for inviting feedback and considering the results will guide you forward as a chef.
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Healthy St. Patrick’s Day Menu Alternatives

You can get creative with dining on March 17 by making items that are both delicious and healthy.
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Boulder Student Spotlight: Suzanne Armstrong

Q&A with Escoffier Boulder student, Suzanne Armstrong. She is completing her externship at Barcelona's Xerta, a one Michelin starred restaurant.
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Cereal: Your New Go-To Ingredient

Get your nostalgia and eat it too with these five dishes featuring popular breakfast cereals.
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