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How To Customize Curry To Your Region

Culinary students interested in adding curry to their repertoire should experiment with how they can utilize local flavors to their advantage.
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Cost-Effective Sustainable Practices

Reducing food waste boosts appeal to customers and helps your kitchen's budget.
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Create Instagram-Worthy Plates That Aren’t Staged Or Flavorless

Here are a few tips to help you create Instagram-worthy plates that aren’t staged or flavorless.
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One-Pot Recipes You Can Make In A Pinch

For some of the quickest, tastiest dishes, it only takes one pot (or skillet) to get the job done.
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How To Turn Your Leftover Halloween Candy Into A Unique Dessert

There are countless ways to put leftover sweets to work in awesome desserts.
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Tracy Lorenz appointed president and CEO of world-class Escoffier culinary schools

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Tracy Lorenz as president and chief executive officer of Triumph Higher Education Group / Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts.
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Put Your Own Spin On Chinese Takeout Favorites

Culinary arts students can find ways to put their own stamp on Chinese takeout by exploring the recipes for classic items.
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Simple Tips To Elevate Your Dish

There are plenty of easy ways to make food that looks fantastic and tastes even better.
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Turning One Dish Into A Week Of Meals

Being efficient with your ingredients is always the way to go.
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Pro Lessons To Use In Your Home Kitchen

By following these pieces of advice, home cooks can step up their game and consistently make better dishes.
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