In 2020 alone, more than 7,700 students were enrolled in Escoffier’s programs. As one of the most-recognized names in the industry, Escoffier has a national reach and career services.

This means you can get started in the food business with the skills you need, whether it’s working in a fine dining restaurant, starting your own food truck or restaurant, or pursuing an alternative “foodie” career. No matter your path, Escoffier teaches critical skills for success, including:



Cooking methods, knife skills, seasoning, pastry techniques, plating, and flavor profiles



Get “real world” experience during an industry externship in a professional kitchen



Understanding profit and loss, writing business plans, and managing restaurant operations

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Yes, You Really Can Learn the Culinary and Pastry Arts Online
The online programs at Escoffier allow students to develop the same skills as ground campus students, but you complete the program in your own kitchen.”
Escoffier Chef Instructor
Interested in Attending One of Our Ground Campuses?
In addition to the online program, Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts has residential programs in beautiful Boulder, Colorado and hip Austin, Texas.
Boulder, Colorado
Set against the picturesque foothills of the Rocky Mountains, and located less than an hour from Denver, Boulder offers a thriving restaurant scene, unbeatable weather, endless outdoor opportunities, and a burgeoning natural and organic food industry.
Austin, Texas
Known for its thriving food truck community and diverse restaurant culture, Austin, Texas has a lot more to offer than just brisket and tacos. This big little city has quickly established itself as one of the leading metropolises for cuisine in the nation.

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Escoffier is still open for enrollment & student support. See COVID-19 & CARES Act info.

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