Want to explore your artistry in a city renowned for its unique food culture through culinary school?

Known for its thriving food truck community and diverse restaurant culture, Austin, Texas has a lot more to offer than just brisket and tacos. This big little city has quickly established itself as one of the leading metropolises for cuisine in the nation. Centrally located to downtown and all its offerings, our Austin campus is the perfect place to kickoff your career with one of our culinary arts or pastry arts programs.

While our Austin campus is temporarily closed you can still start learning online. As the innovator of online culinary and pastry education, we can keep you moving forward with your education. Our experience in online learning has allowed us to transfer classes to an online format. Some adjustments may be made in your course sequence, but we will keep you informed and prepare you for a smooth transition back to campus when safe. Although we may not be present at the campus we are available via telephone 866-552-2433 and online.

Austin Programs

43,670 eating locations in Texas in 2015 (National Restaurant Association)

1.2 million+ more food service jobs in Texas by 2027 (National Restaurant Association)

95% of alumni found employment after graduation. (This does not include graduates of the Associates of Applied Science in Culinary Arts program.)

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Agricultural Learning Center

The Agricultural Learning Center at our Austin culinary school is just steps away from our professional kitchens. As a student, you’ll grow, cultivate and harvest a variety of seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs to use in classroom. The Center is an illustration of our commitment to the farm-to-table philosophy, localism, seasonality and sustainability.











Marcus McMellon

President, Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, Austin

Marcus McMellon’s culinary journey began in East Texas, where he grew up working in his grandparent’s vegetable gardens and accompanying them to farmer’s markets on the weekends. Marcus turned this early interest into a variety of positions in several restaurants. In 2001, Marcus began his career in Culinary Education with Le Cordon Bleu Cooking Schools, serving as Vice President of Finance and Operations during the construction and start-up phase of the Austin Le Cordon Bleu Campus. Additionally, Marcus held the positions of Campus President and Chief Financial Officer for two other Proprietary Education providers in the Dallas area.

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