We created the six week Farm To Table® Experience to provide students with an in-depth knowledge of where food comes from, the advantages of buying local, various farming and production methods and how to continue to make the best sustainable and ethical ingredient choices throughout their culinary careers. Some highlights from the Farm To Table® Experience include:

Produce Farms

Vegetables, Herbs, Grains

Experience the passion and commitment family farmers and ranchers have for integrative, sustainable farming practices. Study seeding, seed transplanting, row planting, hydroponics, hoop house and green house practices.

Dairy Farms

Eggs, Milk, Cheese

Tend to chickens and gather eggs, milk goats or cows and process the fresh dairy into cheeses and butter in this portion of the Farm To Table® experience.

Livestock Farms

Cattle, Pigs, Poultry, Sheep, Buffalo, Bison

Experience life as a Livestock Farmer by working with animals and learning about the live animal production process.

Artisan Partners

Work with a variety of local, sustainable products

We partner with a number of local artisans so students can explore Farm to Table® with everything from homemade charcuterie and sausage making to canning, coffee roasting and beer brewing.

*A student may not participate in all of the farm activities presented due to time of year, location and requirements for farmers and artisans.

Local Focus,
Global Impact

True commitment to great food starts with the first links in the food chain – farmers, ranchers, artisans, vintners, producers, and purveyors. At our Boulder and Austin cooking schools, you go behind the scenes to understand what it takes to bring locally produced ingredients to the kitchen. Discover various farming and production methods, the advantages of buying local, and how to make the best sustainable and ethical ingredient choices throughout your culinary career.

A Direct Connection to Farmers

Escoffier gives you the opportunity to work directly with farmers, providing a real-life glimpse of agricultural methods and practices. Students gain extraordinary respect for ingredients as they experience the efforts involved in areas like growing produce and raising livestock. Our farm partners open their lives, homes, hearts, and businesses to Escoffier students for a true Farm To Table® Experience.

Depending on the season, your may learn: harvesting, livestock, dairy, planting, cheese making, biodynamics, permaculture, hydroponics, greenhouses, composting and preserving.

Farm to Table Immersion for Online Students

Escoffier hosts quarterly Farm to Table®  immersions, where online students have the opportunity to interact with the residential campus for an in-person, hands-on experience. Learn more about upcoming events here. *(Does not lead to academic credit.)

An Inside Look Into The Farm To Table® Experience

Farm To Table® Experiences For Students & Alumni

“We have this romantic idea of what it means to farm – the idealistic picture that is plastered on the outside of salad dressing at the market. Reality is it’s a 14-hour day; it’s hard, you know. My respect for what it means to farm has deepened and matured, therefore when I cook, I am now experiencing a deeper connection: a sanctity. Now, when I cook food I think about where it came from – the blood, sweat, and tears, including my own farm – that helped bring it to me. With that same sense of respect, that is how I approach preparing food.”*

Marcus McCauley headshot

Marcus McCauley

Culinary Arts Graduate, Executive Chef & Farm Manager, McCauley Family Farm

Austin, TX Farm To Table® Experience Partners

bernhardtsgreen-gategeosmin regenerative backyard farm logoyeguaFarm Share Austin

Boulder, CO Farm To Table® Experience Partners

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If you are interested in becoming one of our Farm To Table® Experience partners please contact:

Chef Robyn McArthur
Executive Chef

[email protected]

Chef Kirk Bachmann
Campus President | Provost

[email protected]

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