High school culinary arts teachers, counselors, and CTE educators: Get these complimentary education and career counseling tools to better support your students with an interest in the culinary, baking & pastry, and hospitality fields. Total resources include more than 68 videos, 49 recipe cards, 4 handouts, and 5 assessment tools…and we’re adding more materials all the time!


  • Culinary Arts Tutorial Videos
  • Baking & Pastry Tutorial Videos
  • Lesson Plans & Assessment Tools
  • Self-Guided Online Workshops
  • Career & Education Counseling Materials
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Culinary Arts and Hospitality CTE teachers: Use these resources to supplement your culinary arts and hospitality curriculums.

Culinary Arts Tutorial Videos

Sanitation and Organization

Covers the basics of sanitation and mise en place.

See 2 videos
  • Sanitation (1:31)
  • Mise en Place (2:07)

Knife Skills and Cuts

Teaches basic knife skills, safety, and a variety of common cuts.

See all 5 Videos
  • Knife Basics (2:03)
  • Knife Skills (6:54)
  • Paysanne Cut (2:33)
  • Oblique Cut (1:57)
  • Onion Dicing (2:06)

Soups, Sauces, and Stock

Create the 5 mother sauces, basic soups, and stock.

See all 7 Videos
  • White Stock (7:32)
  • Minestrone (4:04)
  • Veloute Sauce (3:45)
  • Tomato Sauce (4:03)
  • Alfredo Sauce (2:47)
  • Beurre Blanc (2:14)
  • Pan Gravy (1:58)

Starch and Vegetable Cookery

From basic pastas and legumes to vegetables and Pomme de Dauphinoise, this set of 13 videos offers a comprehensive foundation.

See all 13 Videos
  • Pasta (7:46)
  • Legumes 1 (4:03)
  • Legumes 2 (3:08)
  • Rice Pilaf (2:16)
  • Pan Steamed Vegetables (3:18)
  • Sauteed Vegetables (2:50)
  • Pomme Puree (3:15)
  • Fried Vegetables (3:42)
  • Risotto (3:05)
  • Carrots Vichy (1:51)
  • Roasted Vegetables (1:59)
  • Grilled Vegetables (2:35)
  • Pomme de Dauphinoise (3:13)

Protein Cookery

Our protein cookery series includes poached salmon, various cooking styles and methods for chicken, the perfect grilled steak, and more.

See all 11 Videos
  • Poached Chicken (1:53)
  • Poached Salmon (2:04)
  • Sauteed Chicken (5:05)
  • Sauteed Pork (4:35)
  • Deep Fried Breaded Chicken (2:54)
  • Braised Chicken (4:45)
  • Braised Beef (3:53)
  • Trussing Chicken (2:07)
  • Roasted Whole Chicken (2:37)
  • Grilled Chicken (2:19)
  • Grilled Steak (2:36)


6 plating lessons for various kinds of meals: Poached, sautéed, grilled, and more.

See all 6 Videos
  • Plating Poached Dishes (3:07)
  • Plating Sauteed Dishes (7:40)
  • Plating Braised Dishes (2:13)
  • Plating Grilled Dishes (2:50)
  • Plating Caesar Salad (1:45)
  • Plating Soup (2:21)


In this video, Chef Paola instructs students in making a homemade pizza dough and tomato sauce. The dough is made in advance and ferments overnight for 18 to 24 hours, so this is a great 2-day lesson for students.

26-minute video

Shrimp Scampi

Students explore the classic dish made from a combination of shrimp, garlic, and butter, enriched with a homemade shrimp stock.

23-minute video

Vegetable Stir Fry

A quick lesson that teaches stir fry and also gives students an opportunity to practice their knife skills, including sharpening and chopping. Begins with a short knife safety training.

10-minute video

NEW! Self-Guided Online Workshops with Knowledge Checks and Certificates of Completion

Our new self-guided, multi-module online workshops offer culinary educators and their students fully interactive learning experiences that leverage Escoffier's deep expertise in online culinary education. Get access so that we can notify you when new online workshops are released.

The Fresh Pasta Workshop

The Fresh Pasta Online Workshop

This two-module online workshop brings students an opportunity to understand the deep cultural history of pasta and make a fresh pasta dish at home.



Escoffier’s education tool allows students to go at their own pace. If they pause, they enter where they left off.

Interactive Exercises

The learning platform creates an interactive experience akin to a face-to-face learning experience.

Knowledge Checks

Periodic learning checks ensure a practical understanding of the material as the student advances through the course.

Certificates of Completion

When finished, students receive a digital certificate of completion.

Baking & Pastry Tutorial Videos

Sanitation, Organization, Kitchen Basics, and Knife Cuts

Sanitation, mise en place, scale basics, and knife cuts from a pastry arts perspective.

See all 4 videos
  • Sanitation (1:31)
  • Mise en Place (2:07)
  • Scale Basics (1:24)
  • Orange Supremes (2:56)


Essential techniques and lessons for great cookies in four videos: Chocolate chip, spritz, double chocolate, and coconut macaroons.

See all 4 Videos
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies (7:09)
  • Spritz Cookies (6:35)
  • Double Chocolate Cookies (8:02)
  • Coconut Macaroons (6:14)

Pies and Tarts

A wide variety of techniques for pie-making: Flaky pie dough, paté sucrée, old-fashioned apple pie, and more. Students gain insight on the mix of ingredients, temperatures, and perfect measurements required for great baking.

See all 7 Videos
  • Flaky Pie Dough (4:37)
  • Cooked Juice Pie (10:00)
  • Pâte Sucrée (4:00)
  • Old-Fashioned Apple Pie (11:33)
  • Caramelized Apple Tart (6:30)
  • Peach Galette (6:11)
  • Fresh Fruit Tart (9:03)

Quick Breads

Demystify breadmaking with this fun and engaging series. Includes crepes, pancakes, biscuits, and muffins.

See all 4 Videos
  • Crepes (5:44)
  • Pancakes (3:30)
  • Biscuits (4:48)
  • Muffins (4:39)

Custards and Pastries

From créme brulée and chocolate ganache to creme chantilly, these 7 videos introduce students to the complex and rich world of creamy desserts and pastries.

See all 6 Videos
  • Créme Brulée (5:38)
  • Pastry Cream (5:49)
  • Pâte à Choux (7:52)
  • Eclair Assembly (3:51)
  • Chocolate Ganache (3:22)
  • Creme Chantilly (3:26)

Salted Chocolate Caramel Corn Tart

With a sweet, salty, bitter, and buttery flavors, this delectable dessert hits a wide variety and rare combination of flavors.

29-minute video


Formative assessment is a key part of the learning experience. Use these tools in conjunction with the culinary exercises and lectures to support your instruction.

Production Notes Worksheet

Production Notes Worksheet

Provides a framework for your students to document recipe ingredients and the method of production.

Narrative Reflection Worksheet

Narrative Reflection Worksheet

The Narrative Reflection provides students a structured format in which they can reflect upon their work and provide their insights on taste, texture, consistency, and aroma if they are completing cooking assignments.

Knife Cuts Rubric

Knife Cuts Rubric

A guideline for assessing knife skills through narrative, sanitization, mise en place, practice, uniformity, and dimensions of cuts.

Cooking Rubric

Cooking Rubric

A grading guideline to assess learning from the student narrative, production notes, sanitation, mise en place, and production/execution.


Use these resources to help students who are considering a career in the culinary arts, baking & pastry arts, and/or hospitality and tourism industries. For high school counselors and teachers.

Culinary Arts Career Preparation Toolkit

Self-guided tools to help students understand career options in the culinary and hospitality industries.

2 PDF Workbooks

FAFSA® for Culinary School Step-By-Step

This tool helps students understand the Complimentary Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) process.

PDF Workbook

How to Become a Chef: The Complete Guide

There's no industry standard to earning the title of "Chef," only a loose set of guidelines. This 43-page ebook demystifies the various paths to becoming a chef, including education, work experience, and industry certifications.

PDF Workbook

The Complete Guide to Culinary School Scholarships

Think your students can't afford culinary school? Think again. Get the industry's most-comprehensive resource for learning about culinary school scholarships. Then encourage your students to apply!

PDF Workbook


Fewer than 33 percent of young people succeed in attaining a four-year degree by age twenty-five. If you disaggregate by income, only about 15 percent in the bottom third of the distribution attain a degree. In the bottom quintile, it’s half that. If you look at graduation rates among those who enroll, only about 30 percent in the bottom two income quintiles complete within six years.

The economic returns of 'some college' (i.e., those who drop out with no degree or occupational certificate) are no different than for those with only a high school diploma."

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