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As people and the foodservice industry gravitate toward more nutritious, inclusive, and delicious dining options, there is a growing demand for plant-based cooking education.

Novices and experienced chefs alike will enjoy learning the fundamentals and methods of plant-based cooking, basic ingredients to have on hand in a plant-based kitchen, tools, meal composition, seasonal menu planning, cultural plant-based cuisine, food safety, allergen awareness, and traditional ingredient substitutions.

Three different types of bruschetta sit next to each other

Does The Online Format Really Work for the Culinary Arts?

Yes, online culinary school really does work. With more than 7,700 online students enrolled in 2020 in our accredited culinary arts institution, Escoffier remains the undisputed leader in online education.

The online programs at Escoffier allow students to develop the same skills as ground campus students, but you complete the program in your own kitchen.”

Escoffier Chef Instructor

Escoffier’s Online Culinary Learning Model Explained

Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts pioneered the online learning model for the culinary arts. Here’s how it works:



Read assigned texts, watch technique videos, do additional research and complete knowledge checks.


Participate in discussion boards with your classmates and instructors about topics related to your coursework, the industry and more. Join live lessons held virtually each week for a real classroom experience.


It’s cooking time! Execute your practical assignments, documenting the process along the way through a production sheet and taking photos when instructed to.
Risotto topped with mushrooms and basil

An Industry Externship in a Professional Kitchen Gives You the Mentorship and Hands-On Experience You Need for Your Plant-Based Culinary Career

Your externship gives you an opportunity to practice your skills in a professional kitchen. This could include exploring new cuisines and methods, performing a variety of prep tasks, or working on the line, turning out finished dishes for paying guests. What’s important is getting experience that is aligned with your goals and interests.

One of the best parts about Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts is they help you along the way to find externships...I went in and talked to the Sous Chef, and then started going in two days a week to learn prior to my externship. At the end of my externship, my Sous Chef said that if I gave him a few weeks, he could probably get me a job. You have to be patient in small kitchens, and you have to let them know how you feel, too.”*



Garlic, lime, and onion
Lettuce, tomato, and garlic

Meet Your Plant-Based Chef Instructors

You have a dream…a dream to perfect your craft of creating plant-based entrees, appetizers, and desserts that delight diners while upholding values of nutrition, health, and protecting the environment.

But how do you get from where you are now to realizing that dream? You know that hard work and commitment lies ahead. That’s why you need Escoffier Chef Instructors in your corner. As your coaches and mentors, their job is to hold you to the highest and best version of yourself that you can be…to stretch your creativity, and help you move beyond whatever limitations you ever thought you might have.

Lead Chef Instructor Stephanie Michalak White
A plant-based dessert topped with berries stis on a white plate

The Plant-Based Online Programs Toolkit

The Plant-Based Online Programs Toolkit includes knives, sharpening steel, uniform, and other basics. These are the fundamental tools you’ll use throughout your career as you begin to create plant-based dishes. Under the guidance of expert chef instruction, you’ll move closer to mastery of your craft.
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The Timeless Tradition of Classic French Cuisine Meets Modern Plant-Based Cooking

Widely regarded as the founder of modern cooking, the legendary French chef Auguste Escoffier established the basic culinary principles taught by nearly all culinary institutions today. One of those traditions was to implore chefs to consistently innovate techniques, methodologies, and foods.

People who do not accept the new grow old very quickly.”

A creative plant-based meal on a white plate

Kitchen Skills and Methods to Help Build Plant-Based Cooking Techniques Plus Business Skills to Spread Plant-Based Values Far and Wide

Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts is famous for teaching the creative arts of the culinary and pastry arts, as well as the practical business skills for running a profitable enterprise. Business-focused courses include:
Purchasing and Cost Control*
Food Service Management*

*These courses are offered through the online program only. The Boulder Residential Plant-Based Cuisine Diploma offers a longer “Restaurant Operations” course instead.

What Can You Do With a Degree or Diploma in Plant-Based Culinary Arts?

Plant-based diets are growing around the world. Here are just a few of the entry-level careers you might pursue with your diploma or degree:

  • Line Cook
  • Head Cook
  • Personal Cook
  • Culinary Assistant
  • Pastry Assistant
Piece of lemon pie with a slice of lemon on top

By adopting a more plant-centric diet, you're going to be forced to be more creative, or you're going to be forced to investigate ingredients that you never thought you'd cook with. And as a result, I think it's actually kind of an expansion of your culinary capacities to cook plant-based.”*

Chef Shane Witter-Hicks



Answer Your Calling: Start Your Plant-Based Journey Today

Don’t let your creativity and passion for plant-based cooking go unrealized…take the next step today!

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