About Auguste Escoffier


Now, you can explore the traditions and methods of the father of classic cuisine!

The lineage of finely trained chefs can be traced to the disciplined skills and innovative recipes of Auguste Escoffier. No other figure in history has done more for the development and modernization of French cuisine and for raising the stature of cooking to respected career paths in the culinary arts.

Auguste Escoffier (1846-1935) was one of the first international stars of modern cooking. Apprenticed in a kitchen in Nice at 13 and consumed with ambition to become the best, he moved steadily upward in this assigned trade to become “the chef of kings and the king of chefs.” His clientele included heads of state and popular cultural figures such as England’s Edward VII and Kaiser Wilhelm II.

In 1966, the French transformed the house in which he was born into the Escoffier Foundation & Museum of Culinary Arts. Located in the heart of the old village of Villeneube-Loubet near Nice, France and led by great grandson Michel Escoffier, the facilities are open to the public.

Escoffier left behind a legacy still enjoyed by professional chefs, home cooks and gastronomes in France and abroad. He invented some 5,000 recipes, and culinary institutions around the world continue to teach his methods.

We are committed to provide a curriculum consistent with the Escoffier teachings and standards of excellence. We offer culinary arts and baking and pastry programs worthy of the world-renowned Escoffier name.

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