Chef Jesper Jonsson

Chef Instructor, Culinary Arts, Plant-Based Culinary Arts, General Education

Instructor Jesper Jonsson
Location: Boulder, Colorado
Favorite Dish: Steak with frites and Bearnaise sauce

"Techniques in the culinary arts are the building blocks for everything. I go as far as to say that food multiplied by technique equals dish. Therefore, without good techniques, you're either always going to wing it or be unsure of what to do. But with knowledge of the techniques, you will be a lot more confident."

Chef Jesper Jonsson


Chef Jesper, a 37-year industry veteran, has had the opportunity to work in eight Michelin star restaurants over the course of his career. He is a recipient of the Disciple d’Escoffier award and a board member of the American Culinary Federation (ACF). He also was the owner of a French bistro called Park Ave Bistro in Meeker, Colorado.

Chef Jesper knows European food culture inside and out. He moved to the south of France from Denmark at the age of 12, where he received his formal culinary education and training.

He has worked as a private chef in numerous countries including France, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, and the United States – and even served as chef of the Danish ambassador in Rome.

Honors, Awards & Affiliations

  • ServSafe® Certified

Professional EXPERIENCE

  • Executive Chef - Hyatt Regency and Convention Center, Denver, CO


  • BEP (French Diploma in Culinary Arts), Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, France

Special Interests

4-wheeling and overlanding, outdoor living, and camping.

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