Chef Megan Piel

Chef Instructor, Pastry Arts, Plant-Based Culinary Arts

Instructor Megan Piel
Location: Boulder, Colorado
Favorite Dish: Ceviche

"I enjoy seeing the 'light bulb' moments happen with students and being able to share my love and experience in the kitchen, hopefully setting them up better than I was out of culinary school!"

Chef Megan Piel


Chef Megan is the owner of Copia Confectionery, a chocolate and confection company specializing in custom pairings with beer, cider, wine, and distilling. She is an Introductory Sommelier Certified and was awarded Best Pie in Colorado by People Magazine in 2019.

Megan has been a Chocolatier, an Executive Pastry Chef, and a Pastry Chef Sous Chef in establishments across New Orleans, including The Ritz-Carlton. She also did social media management for a restaurant group and recipe development for restaurant openings.

She loves all things pastry & baking-related, including plating design, chocolate, and French pastries.

Honors, Awards & Affiliations

  • ServSafe® Manager Certified
  • ServSafe® & Cost Control Certified
  • ServSafe® Instructor/Proctor Certified
  • ServSafe® COVID-19 Certified
  • State Food Safety Certified
  • Cicerone Certified Beer Server
  • Introductory Sommelier Certified - Court of Master Sommeliers
  • Inbound Marketing Certified HubSpot
  • Frictionless Sales Certified HubSpot
  • Content Marketing HubSpot
  • 2019 Peoples Magazine Best Pie in Colorado

Professional EXPERIENCE

  • Executive Chef/Owner - Copia Confectionery, Denver, CO
  • Executive Pastry Chef - Bonanno Concepts, Denver, CO
  • Executive Pastry Chef - 801 Restaurant Group
  • Pastry Chef Sous Chef - The Ritz Carlton, New Orleans, LA
  • Chocolatier - Sucre, New Orleans, LA


  • Patisserie Certificate, Le Cordon Bleu

Special Interests

Hiking, house plants, reading, and dogs.

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