Student Experiences

A day in the life of a Culinary Arts student

Rama Kho
Suzanne Armstrong
Aaron Lande
Ramona Brown
Mahsa Savadkouhi
Wyl Lima

I feel my experience at the school has truly gotten me on the right path. I feel supported in a way no other school has ever offered. It’s reassuring to know I have a sounding board for my career decisions.

I chose to attend Escoffier primarily because of the farm-to-table program. I believe in the importance of sustainability and ethical sourcing and wanted to grow more familiar with the farm-to-table philosophy.

I chose Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts because of the hands-on environment, attention to detail and the reputation of the school. My education far exceeded my expectations. The Chef Educators really care about teaching and are open to working with any student that wants help. My class was made up of people with all levels of skill and from all parts of the country. This really enhanced the experience, because we learned from each other.

Once you learn the correct ways to create something, that’s when you have enough knowledge to explore. I wanted to learn all I could, and that always has to do with education, experience, and curiosity, which I am given here at Escoffier.

If anyone is serious about learning the culinary arts, they should consider Escoffier. I was honored to work with many great chefs in school and learn from them. Our chef instructors bring their unique perspectives and backgrounds to the table and are all very dedicated to transferring their valuable knowledge to the students. School administration staff also works hard to pave the path of success for every individual in school.

You have to be willing to invest in yourself. It is cost effective and the connections you make with your chef instructors; they invest in you back.

A day in the life of a Pastry Arts student

Monica Paredes
Jamie Warburton
Megan Sloan
Breanna Ortiz
Stacy Walker

After visiting several schools, I was most impressed by the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts because of its small class sizes, intensive labs, business focus, and knowledgeable staff. My excellent baking education and the empowering and supportive chef educators in my program are ultimately what have given me the confidence to reach for the next level. My teachers encouraged me to create the opportunities I could not otherwise find. I am so grateful for my education at Escoffier and all the doors it has opened for this next chapter of my life.”

Everyone is very passionate about what they do here. They are proud of having the ‘Escoffier’ name. Everything that the school stands for—I fell in love with it. I couldn’t see myself going to any other school. There is just something extremely special about Escoffier Schools. I’m discovering that I know a lot more than I thought I did, but it is also making me more humble. Confidence will come when you are humble enough to understand that you still have to learn. That is something that this school has taught me.”

I learned a lot. My chef educators took a difficult task, really broke it down and challenged us to retrace our steps even when we made mistakes to understand why the pastry may not have turned out perfectly. This helped to both expand our knowledge and understand the science behind the art.”

Knowing how to order and process food gives me an advantage in this industry. I think my future employers will see that, know this is a great program, and observe that I put extra effort into building my career.”

My experience in the Pastry Arts program made all the difference for me. I went into the program as a good baker; I came out a professional baker.”

A day in the life of an Online student

Tiffany Moore
Michael Allen
Laura DeVries
Scott Brooker
Mitchell Rodriguez

“I decided to invest in myself and go to culinary school because I needed that backing. As for the management portion, that’s really where Escoffier is helping me learn how to run a restaurant and a business.”

I chose to attend Escoffier at this stage in my career as a way to keep me relevant in the industry and up to date with certification. I go to any length to be the best in my career that I may be. As an active duty soldier, online school is a great way to stay consistent with education. There is a big need for culinary arts training in my career, but there is not a lot of time to accomplish this.”

I think Escoffier’s online education makes a student very competitive. My culinary education so far has really helped develop my teaching skills, as well as my food styling. I would absolutely recommend Escoffier. It’s affordable, it’s flexible and it’s comprehensive. The chef instructors are so wonderful, and they care very much about the success of every student.”

In reality, the online program gives me the opportunity to be educated by great chefs that are already masters in their domain but in the comfort and familiar surroundings of my home. The combination of live session, recorded session, online forums and 1:1 time with the chef instructors enables me to learn and grow my skill set in a way that is tailored to my learning style and needs.”

I’ve gained a better understanding of how to execute a variety of techniques as well as how to manage a kitchen. I went from washing dishes and cleaning a commercial kitchen to managing my own within a two-year span. Escoffier has given me the culinary and business tools, resources, knowledge and self-confidence I need in order to make my dream a reality!”

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