Chef Ryan Hodros

Chef Instructor, Orientation

chef ryan hodros
Location: Online Programs
Favorite Dish: Chicken Paprikash

"Education is one part information to two parts nurturing. Many students don't know what they're capable of, and that lack of confidence limits what they can achieve. I believe in building that confidence, so they can go on to do the great things I know they can!"

Chef Ryan Hodros


Chef Ryan fell in love with the culinary world while serving in the U.S. Navy as a Chinese linguist. Cooking and baking are great ways to let go of life’s worries for a short while and make something delicious… and get paid to do it!

Ryan is an Escoffier alumnus who got the culinary arts and baking & pastry arts certification from the Boulder, Colorado campus. Much of his experience in the culinary industry was as a food and beverage critic, writing for 303 Magazine, 5280 Magazine, and the Escoffier newsletter.

Chef Ryan’s entrepreneurial experience revolves primarily around acting as a personal or private chef for friends and colleagues, first in the Hawaii Navy community, and later in the Boulder/Denver area.

Chef Ryan has been teaching for Escoffier’s online program since 2016 and has been involved in most of the classes offered. He loves watching students grow into the professionals they were destined to become. Some of his former students are Escoffier staff now, which has been amazing for him to watch happen.

Professional EXPERIENCE

  • Private Catering/Baking
  • Private Chef
  • Computer Network Analyst Linguist - NIOC HI, CDET
  • Translator, Language Trainer, Quality Control Supervisor - NIOC HI, CLAS

Dish Examples

Lemon Bars

I moved to Florida in 2016 and fell in love with the citrus we have down here. These lemon bars have been a staple for just about any get-together I've been a part of, and I love hearing the positive feedback (particularly over how tart they are!)

lemon bars with meringue topping

Turducken Wellington

This is a Turducken Wellington I made for Thanksgiving last year, which is just an example of the wellingtons and roulades I've made for clients in the past. I love using this as an example of what can be done with creativity and time!

turducken wellington on plate

Mario World Decorative Cake

This is actually a photo of my cakes project when I was an Escoffier student back in 2014. I don't know if I'd consider it specifically a signature dish, but it was a turning point in my career. Up to that point, I didn't think I was "artsy" enough to be able to decorate cakes, but when it came up as an assignment, I was shocked by what my team and I were able to put together. It really opened my eyes to what I could do! Now I really enjoy making and decorating cakes for clients!

mario world decorative layer cakecake


  • BA in English and Religious Studies, Baldwin-Wallace College
  • AA in Mandarin Chinese, DLIFLC
  • MFA in Creative Writing, Seton Hill University
  • Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, Boulder, CO

Special Interests

Writing, video games, sci-fi/fantasy, and YouTube videos.

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