Culinary Diploma Overview

Elevate your culinary aspirations in Boulder, Colorado


Watch this video to find out what it’s like to be a Culinary Arts student at the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts

Explore the heights of your passion for creating memorable cuisine for others against the inspiring backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. If you've been searching for the right culinary arts program in the Boulder, Colorado area, look no further than Escoffier, where you can pursue a diploma in the Culinary Arts and gain the hands-on training you need to take on entry-level roles in a variety of settings. We enhance your immersive culinary learning through our Farm To Table® Experience where you can work with local food producers on an area farm and in neighborhood restaurants during a 10-week externship. Our accredited programs can prepare you for the dynamic culinary landscape in Boulder or beyond in restaurants, hotels and other food service settings around the country or the world.


Maria Smith


“We did a lot of research on all the culinary schools around. We liked the intensity of the program and the timeline. It is more focused on the culinary experience than other schools, and it has more hands-on time. It’s a hands-on industry, and if you’re not doing hands-on work, then you’re not getting what you need.”

— Maria Smith, Culinary Arts Graduate

Career Possibilities

Cook Up Your Career Possibilities

Our culinary arts diploma program helps you explore the real aspects of a role in an industry kitchen through a classroom setting that is a kitchen — your test kitchen! You can develop a strong foundation of foodservice, operations and management skills and knowledge that can directly transfer to day one in the field. Most of your time is spent side-by-side with your peers and our Chef Educators, who offer one-on-one mentoring opportunities as you prepare complete meals and experience each station in our state-of-the-art kitchen setting.

We believe in "stirring the pot" so you don't stagnate in your learning, continuing to challenge you with increasingly complex, real-world culinary applications. We keep our classes small so you don't feel like your questions and answers are getting lost because there are too many cooks in the kitchen! Take a virtual tour of our facilities to get an even better idea of your test kitchen.


Ben Connor


“Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts was definitely really good at maintaining a level of professionalism: mise en place, knives sharp, uniform looking good. When I showed up at Basta the first day, I just acted like I was in class, ‘Yes, Chef, yes, Chef,’ and it worked out. I got hired. I also like the [menu] diversity we learned in school. You can learn the same basic techniques of cooking and transfer it to different types of cuisine. Also, the Farm To Table® Experience of the program was important. It gives you a great appreciation of where your food is coming from.”

— Ben Conner, Culinary Arts Graduate, Basta Restaurant

Classical and Modern Cuisine Training

Seared Pork Loin with Beet Couscous & Crispy Kale Chips in a Creamy Avocado Sauce with Coconut Milk Reduction

Classical and Modern Cuisine Training

Auguste Escoffier is the father of modern cooking, and we build your culinary foundation on his methods and techniques. You can stretch your cooking repertoire across culinary eras by preparing traditional and more contemporary recipes. Inspired by Escoffier's timeless artistry, you can find your own culinary style and evolve with each dish. To complement your preparation training, you can also practice your presentation and plating. To find more about what you can learn, visit our culinary Curriculum page.


Jonathan Taylor


“The skills I learned at Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts are not only applicable in the kitchen, but throughout my life in unexpected areas. They didn’t just help me to get the job, but they allow me to hold a job, allow me to be an asset to the organization I associate with — whether it is Hurley’s in Napa, Aspen Food and Wine, or Starwood Hotels.”

— Jonathan Taylor, Culinary Arts Graduate, 15|Fifty Restaurant

Farm to Table

Culinary Arts students picking carrots and beets during their Farm To Table® Experience

Farm To Table® Experience

Dig deeper into your culinary craft on a working farm through our six-week Farm To Table® Experience which will help you better understand locally sourced ingredients and engage with producers and growers. You can develop relationships with farmers, ranchers, artisans, vintners, producers and purveyors, and discover how they can be a vital part of the culinary experiences you can create for others.