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Over 300 High School Students Attend Farm-to-Table Open HouseApril 4, 2014

JLarson-S-Walsh-Wheeler-McMellon-w-students-webHundreds of students from across Texas attended our high school open house at the Austin campus. Read more

Professional Culinary Schools in Texas and Colorado



Discover France with Chef Michel

December 23, 2013

Food, Wine, History & Culture Educational Tour 2014
Join fellow food lovers and Chef Michel Bouit on a unique gastronomic experience in Nice and Lyon, October 18-26, 2014.

Student Testimonials

  • “My Chef Instructor was tough and set a great standard of excellence, but was also very compassionate and allowed us to make mistakes. The instructors were precise, accurate, and a great team with fantastic instruction. I couldn’t wait to go to school every day.”

    Monica Coles, Graduate
  • “I would certainly recommend this course to someone interested in a career in pastry arts. This class improved my skill set and gave me a foundation to build from.”

    Rachelle Richmond, Graduate
  • “Culinary Arts was an intense course with great instruction and tons of hands-on kitchen time. My career is now flourishing. Thanks to culinary school!”

    Stew Moore, Graduate
  • “My culinary program was exactly what I was looking for. It is the perfect schedule, duration, and curriculum. I have no doubt that attending culinary school has been one of the great decisions of my life. The ongoing support and opportunities I get from all of you is priceless!”

    Adriana Perez, Graduate