December 17, 2020

Our new shortened block format provides the opportunity for all Boulder Campus students, especially those newly enrolled, to have a chance to compete in these weekly matches. The new November block shifts gears a bit and presents challenges focused on techniques rather than ingredients. So let’s get started!

Welcome to the November Block of the Escoffier Boulder Challenge!

The Escoffier Boulder Challenge is a way for Boulder Campus students to show off their cooking skills by participating in a weekly cooking challenge to win gift cards to our favorite local restaurants.

How It Works:

Each Thursday, we announce a new challenge with a featured theme or ingredient. Students prepare a dish that best represents the featured challenge and post a photo of the dish on Instagram using the hashtag #EscoffierBoulderChallenge by the following Wednesday at midnight.

Contest Rules:

Our Chef Instructor judges panel will select three winners based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity and implementation of weekly theme/ingredient

  • Plating and presentation

  • Technique

Weekly Themes:

  • Week 1 Challenge – November 5 – 11: Braising
  • Week 2 Challenge – November 12 – 18: Tools – 1 Chef’s knife, 1 pot and 1 sauté pan
  • Weeks 3 & 4 Challenge – November 19 – December 2: Thanksgiving Feast
  • Week 5 Challenge – December 3 – 9: Bread
  • Week 6 Challenge – December 10 – 16: Traditional Holiday Dish


Each week three finalists will receive a gift card to redeem at a predetermined local restaurant or may request an Amazon gift card for the amount of:

  • First place: $50
  • Second place: $35
  • Third Place: $25

Week One awards are offered to Annette Scratch to Table.

Week Two awards are offered to Blackbelly Market.

Week Three/Four awards are offered to Root Down.

Week Five awards are offered to Cured.

Week Six awards are offered to Pizzeria Locale.

Week One Winners:

Congratulations to all our November Block Week 1 winners. The first technique this block is braising and these dishes were golden. Winners receive a gift card to Annette Scratch to Table.

Week Two Winners:

Our second week was a real skills test where students were only allowed to use 1 Chef’s knife, 1 pot and 1 sauté pan and that equals 2 winners!  Congratulations! Winners receive a gift card to Blackbelly Market.

Week Three/Four Winners:

This challenge spanned two weeks for good reason….Thanksgiving Feasts were at stake!  Congratulations to all our winners. We are truly grateful for your talents and efforts. Winners receive a gift card to Root Down-Denver.

Week Five Winners:

Congratulations to our Week Five Bread Challenge winners. We think that these are, well….you know, the greatest things since sliced–bread!  Winners receive a gift card to Cured.

Week Six Winners:

Week Six – The Traditional Holiday Dish Challenge is our final contest for this block. It’s been exciting to see how everyone celebrates the holidays with food. Congratulations to this week’s winners and we will see you all again in the new year! Winners receive a gift card to Pizzeria Locale.