May 11, 2015
Apples make a great vacation snack.

Apples make a great vacation snack.

Whether you are traveling to the mountains or beach resort, it is important to eat healthy during your vacation. Feeding your body with nutritious foods will give you energy to do more activities and help you enjoy your trip more. Since you will likely have to do a little cooking, use the skills you learned in culinary school in Texas. Here are four tips for eating healthy while on vacation:

Pack healthy snacks
Bringing healthy snacks will not just keep you energized; it will also help you spend less money on restaurant trips. For example, if you are craving something crunchy, pack pumpkin seeds, peanuts or almonds. These snacks have the perfect balance of protein and fats. Fruit also makes a great snack option, according to USA Today, as it’s low in calories and high in vitamins. Slice an apple or a pear and put it in a plastic container.

Watch your portions at restaurants
When you visit a new place, it is normal to want to check out some of the restaurants in the area. However, be careful not to overindulge. Overeating can pack on the pounds and lead to stomachaches you won’t forget about. WebMD recommends sharing an entree with your travel companion. This allows you to save money and calories.

Go easy on the alcohol
A vacation doesn’t feel quite the same without a refreshing cocktail, but drinking too many alcoholic beverages isn’t good for your waistline. If you must have a cocktail, choose one that is low in calories. For example, a skinny margarita has only 160 calories, according to . Also, try not to have more than one alcoholic drink per day.

Book a hotel with a kitchen
If feasible, consider staying at a hotel that has a kitchen. Instead of eating out at restaurants every day, you can cook healthy meals in your hotel room. When you get to your destination, go to the local grocery store and stock up on some healthy food staples like chicken breast, fruits, vegetables and fish. Ask the hotel beforehand if you can bring your own cooking appliances, like slow cookers and woks.

If you plan ahead and resist temptation, it is possible to eat healthy during your vacation.