May 8, 2015
It is important to teach your children proper etiquette at restaurants.

It is important to teach your children proper etiquette at restaurants.

When you were attending Texas culinary school, you probably learned about all the great restaurants in the state. However, if you have little children, you may be nervous about bringing them with you to all these dining spots. Kids tend to be messy with their food and can start a commotion in a restaurant. If you teach your children about restaurant etiquette ahead of time, you can have a more enjoyable dining experience. Here are five tips for eating at restaurants with your kids:

Practice at home
A good way to prepare your children for eating at a restaurant is to practice at home, according to Today. When your kids are sitting at the dinner table, instruct them to sit up straight and use their utensils to eat their food. If your kids speak too loudly, tell them to use their indoor voices. If your children know what is expected of them, they will behave better at restaurants.

Eat early
It is a good idea to take your children out to eat in the late afternoon. By then, they would have already taken their naps and will be much more pleasant to dine with. If you eat dinner later in the evening, your kids may be tired and cranky. Also, there will usually be fewer people eating out in the late afternoon, so your little ones will be less likely to bother other diners.

Keep your children busy
Before leaving for the restaurant, pack a few things to keep your kids busy, such as coloring books, crayons and toys. If your children have something to do while waiting for their food, they will be less likely to make noise.

Correct bad behavior
If your children throw a French fry on the floor or let out a loud burp, you should correct the behavior right away, according to Serious Eats. Calmly tell your kids that’s not the proper way to act at the dinner table. If you are firm and don’t allow your children to get away with naughty behavior, they will act better at restaurants.

Take them outside
If your kids throw a tantrum at a restaurant, it is best to take them outside for a few minutes. Being out in the fresh air can help them calm down. Be firm with your kids and tell them that their unruly behavior will not be tolerated.