Boulder’s 4 Finest Spots For Espresso

With Nov. 23 officially National Espresso Day, here are the Boulder cafes and coffeehouses to get your fix of tasty java. 

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December 1, 2015 4 min read
Boulder offers residents a bevy of great espresso shops.

Boulder offers residents a bevy of great espresso shops.

November is chock full of food-based holidays, including celebrations of hot fudge sundaes, nachos and chicken soup. However, there is one day that seems especially perfect given the current weather conditions: Nov. 23, National Espresso Day. As temperatures have dropped across the country, and the days get shorter, there is nothing quite as satisfying as enjoying a warm and energizing cup of espresso. That’s especially true in Colorado, where the Boulder culinary arts scene has cultivated quite the city-wide selection of tasty coffee shops.

Here are a few such establishments worth visiting the next time you need a piping hot cup of java:

1. The Cup Espresso Cafe: Located on Pearl Street in Boulder’s booming Downtown, The Cup’s name undoubtedly reflects its simply and earnest approach, with so much of the cafe’s business emphasizing the pure experience between a consumer and his or her cup of coffee. Yet the logistics of the actual coffee drinking experience are so much more complex, as The Cup sources its beans and roasts from a variety of global destinations, including Bolivia, Uganda, Peru, Ethiopia, Honduras and Sumatra, among many others. Yet no matter which premium coffee or espresso blend you opt for, you can enjoy your cup in the warmth of the cafe’s year-round patio, which looks over bustling 15th Street.

2. Brewing Market Coffee: Since the doors first opened way back in 1977, Brewing Market Coffee has established something of a java empire in Boulder. There are currently three separate locations across town – The Village Center, the Basemar Center and Downtown Boulder. Wherever you decide to grab your coffee, though, each BMC location serves up a massive selection of coffee, espresso, chai and loose leaf teas. According to its website, BMC works mainly alongside small farms across the world, sourcing its varietals, dark roasts and signature blends from New Guinea, Sumatra, Yemen, Costa Rica, Guatemala, France and Indonesia. Want something more subtle? BMC also offers relaxing oolong tea and herbal infusions.

3. Pekoe Sip House: Not a lot of coffee houses maintain a regular blog, but the staff at Pekoe Sip House update their shared log with some frequency. In it, they detail their simple approach to coffee, touting their devotion to using locally grown, environmentally-friendly ingredients and always maintaining proper standards of ethical sourcing. Whether you read the blog or not, though, Pekoe still offers up quite the selection of awesome espresso drinks. There’s the classic iced Americano, the cafe au lait – coffee with hot milk – the signature Pekoe mocha and the always smooth Florentine. Or, why not expand your pallet and try one of Pekoe’s seasonal favorites, like the Gingerly Vanilla, iced Earl Grey latte and spicy green chai.

4. Tod’s Espresso Cafe: The name of this espresso cafe – located on Lookout Road – may say Tod’s, but there are a slew of names that make this shop a great addition to Austin. The website lists all sorts of factoids and background information on Tod’s core baristas, including everything from where they trained in the art of coffee making to how much they all love their individual dogs and cats. It’s that subtle connection that really draws you to Tod’s, but it’s the coffee that keeps you coming back day after day. Like other shops, Tod’s sources its beans from countries across the globe, and the menu includes several signature espresso drinks like the Tuku Espresso and Espresso Mantecca. Unlike some other shops, though, Tod’s stores its beans in cans, which the staff touts as being the most environmentally responsible option.

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