October 11, 2014

By: Helena Stallings, Culinary Arts Student

It’s hard to get tired of noodles when there are so many different ways to enjoy them. Spaetzle is no exception. This dumpling and egg noodle like hybrid can be found in the cuisines of countries like Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary and Alsace. Their consistency could be compared to being similar to a gnocchi but with a taste similar to an egg noodle, making it the best of both worlds as far as noodles go. By mixing some eggs, flour and salt, working it into a dough and pushing that dough through a colander into boiling water, you can easily have this Eastern European treat right in your own home kitchen. Throw some beef stew over it, a cream sauce or even eat it sweet with some baked apples and a spiced brown sugar. Spaetzle is sure to be a great addition to any dinner.

In this culinary course, we teach you how to make the dumpling-like noodle, spaetzle. Enjoy the frills and thrills of Eastern Europe with this delicious dish.

How to Make Spaetzle

3 cups of AP flour
3 eggs
3/4 cup water or milk
-to taste-
whole grain mustard
salt and pepper

  1. First get a large pot of heavily salted boiling water on the stove. Then combine the dry ingredients in a medium sized bowl and mix thoroughly.
  2. Combine eggs and water in a large bowl and while stirring, slowly pour in the dry ingredients until you have a batter consistency. Place a spaetzle pan or a perforated pan with pea sized holes on top of the boiling water and with a bench scrapper or spatula in hand, slowly pour your batter into the pan.
  3. Work your bench scrapper back and forth to push the batter through the holes and into the boiling water. When the spaetzle floats to the top it is finished cooking.