January 30, 2015

The best apple orchards in ColoradoAny true foodie will assure you that no dish, store-bought or otherwise, tastes as good as something they were involved in making themselves. It occurs when a restaurant lets you pick your own lobster, when your chef prepares a meal next to your table and in countless other examples. Of course, you need not go to a fancy restaurant to experience this phenomenon for yourself. In fact, Colorado culinary school students can take advantage of one of the most exciting and lowest cost food preparation activities around all over their state: apple picking! If you’re hankering for an apple pie or a fun excursion in Colorado, take a look at some of the best apple orchards in the state:

Ya Ya Farm and Orchard
According to Westword, few farms can match the expertise and storied history of the Ya Ya Farm and Orchard in Longmont, Colorado. The farm has been around for more than a hundred years, seeing its fair share of Colorado history. Today, the orchard adheres to the same organic practices that it began with more than a century ago, ensuring that its heirloom apples are nothing short of perfect for all who choose to visit. Throughout the summer and early autumn, the farm offers apple picking to its residents as well as programs where children can meet the farm animals and learn about organic growing processes.

Happy Apple Farm
CBS Denver recommends Happy Apple Farm for your next apple picking excursion. Located on 1st street in Penrose, Colorado, Happy Apple Farm boasts four different varieties of the fruit: Jonathan, Red, Golden Delicious and Gala. While the apples come into bloom at different points in the summer and fall seasons, the farm offers entertainment for the whole family year round. With everything from tractor rides to a fully stocked country store and barbecue restaurant featuring local delicacies, Happy Apple Farm is truly a slice out of Colorado heaven. Did you miss apple picking season this year?  No need to worry, head on out to the farm in September to take advantage of the farm’s beautiful pumpkin patch, where you and the family can find the perfect materials for the best jack-o’-lanterns of the Halloween season.

Blackbridge Winery
Don’t let the name fool you, Blackbridge Winery and Orchard Valley Farms can provide just as wonderful an apple picking experience as either of the other two establishments on this list. However, this one is catered more towards the adults, as it offers a full service winery, with many of the wines and dishes being made from fruits harvested on the premises. The orchard boasts not only a fine array of apples throughout the year, but also cherries, pumpkins, blackberries, pears and more!