January 22, 2015

Austin picnic spotsOne of the best things about being enrolled in Austin culinary arts courses is the freedom it provides you to experience wonderful examples of your craft whenever you want. {awkward phrasing} Indeed, it’s relatively common knowledge that Austin has come to be held as one of the finest culinary cities in America. What many people don’t realize about the live music capital of America, though, is that it’s also home to a phenomenal array of national and state parks as well as countless other beautiful landscapes both public and private. If you’re an avid foodie in the Austin area, then you’re in the perfect locale for a picnic. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary or just looking to take in beautiful scenery while you eat, take a look at some of the best picnic spots in Austin:

Adventure as an appetizer
While everyone can agree that great food and excellent views are among the best simple pleasures in life, picnics aren’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea. If this is the case for you, then the Austin Four Seasons recommends you take your wicker basket over to Lake Travis. In addition to providing gorgeous waterfront scenery for your special meal out, this venue also offers a fair amount of adventure for thrill-seekers. The park holds a professionally managed zipline where you can soar across heights of up to 2,000 feet. This makes for a perfect pre-meal activity  and you’re bound to build up an appetite!

The power of having options
It’s a classic conundrum for the experienced picnickers among us: You get to your favorite picnic spot after looking forward to it all day only to find that another group is in your spot. While this can certainly put a damper on your day, there’s no need to worry about competing for space when you plan a picnic at Emma Long Metropolitan Park. According to Do512 Family, this park is a veritable picnicker’s paradise. It features more than 150 different picnic tables and a wide array of barbecue pits for those looking to cook up some meat. All potential guests should be advised that there’s an $8 entrance fee to the park, but you’ll find that the options make it well worth it.

Dinner with a side of culture
If you haven’t already been, you should make an effort to get out to Laguna Gloria on West 35th Street for your next picnic. According to Localeur, the Austin Museum of Art is housed here in a building styled after classic Italian villas. What’s more, the area also boasts a phenomenal view of the lake. Sit down and relax with some food and then head into the museum, or work up an appetite walking along the shoreline before setting out the wine and cheese. Either way, you’re sure to have a memorable experience.