July 29, 2014

Texas adHello, My name is Patrick Dever; I am a culinary arts student at Auguste Escoffier  School of Culinary Arts in Austin, TX. This is my first formal blog post so bear with me a little.  I am from Salt Lake City, Utah. I went to college in a small town outside Pittsburgh called New Wilmington, home of Westminster College and the mighty Titans.  After college I didn’t want a typical desk job like most of my friends so I decided to follow a passion I picked up when I was 14, cooking!  I was going to go to culinary school.  So, after a long process with factors like tuition, living possibilities, family, friends, and potential to grow, Austin, Texas was the name of the game.  I researched some of the schools in Austin and Escoffier came up and then the next thing I know, I’m waking up for the first day of class.  Now I am an upper level student at the school, I am the president of the garden club and working in the film catering business.  Now I have the chance to blog for the school. WOW.  What a great success story without having to be in an office every day.

Ok ok, enough about me.

We are here to talk about blogs (food blogs to be clear). I’ve been researching food blogs over the past couple weeks and have so far learned that the topics range from A-to-Z and there are too many to follow all of them. So, I picked a couple out of the stack and started reading. Then it came to me that people all over the world are talking about food, taste, texture, combination of favors, pairings, height, balance, locality of the product and so much more. So in the following weeks, I plan to discuss some of the topics I have been researching.

The growing trend of social media and the idea of connectivity in the world aren’t going to slow down any time soon.  That being said, food blogs have become a large part of the overall social food conservation.  People want to know more about their food or at least it would seem so. These blogs have a wealth of information for young students in the culinary field that is completely open to discussion and opinion. This, in my mind, is fantastic because people like to share their opinions, especially budding chefs. I’m pretty sure that is why blogs were invented.  Now I can share my opinion or talk about any topic in the culinary world. It’s an awesome accompaniment to the already vast food talk that spans the world.

Stay tuned for my post next week where we will talk about cage free vs. free range eggs.