November 13, 2015
Find great pumpkin pie in Austin this fall.

Find great pumpkin pie in Austin this fall.

You can try to resist the annual craze for all things pumpkin-flavored, whether lattes, beer or entrees, but sooner or later you might find yourself longing for the classic taste of pumpkin pie. Sweet, earthy, comforting and, yes, gloriously spiced, a delicious pumpkin pie transcends the hype for even the most jaded foodie or Austin culinary arts student. And if you are looking to pick up a slice of pumpkin pie in Austin, this city has plenty of great options. Read on to learn where you can find the dessert of the season.

Quack’s 43rd St. Bakery
Quack’s is an Austin institution with a thirty-year history and a claim to the title of first coffeehouse in town. When you’re looking for an excellent pumpkin pie in Hyde Park, go with a classic. And if you want to dodge the big chains but still crave pumpkin spice flavor in your latte, these espresso pioneers have you covered.

Upper Crust Bakery
There’s a lot to be said for a dessert that is both delicious and beautiful to look at. Upper Crust accomplishes this with their pumpkin pie topped by a trio of leaf-shaped pieces of buttery crust. The bakery is a longstanding Austin favorite, so you may want to grab a few more items from their tremendous selection of pastries, cakes and pies while you’re there.

Capital City Bakery
These East Austin masters of vegan confection are renowned for their ability to craft exceptional treats with organic, local ingredients. Regardless of what dietary restrictions you may or may not have, you owe it to yourself to try Capital City before the season ends. If they don’t have a pie ready, go for the pumpkin-spice cupcake, featuring vegan cream cheese and cinnamon.

Tiny Pies
Get all the pumpkin pie flavor in a smaller, more easily portable package, delightfully topped with chai whipped cream. You can grab Tiny’s handheld pies fresh at their Rosedale storefront or frozen at several grocery stores all over Austin. In addition to being delightfully tasty, these little desserts are unquestionably the most convenient means of satisfying your pumpkin pie craving.

Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop
Want that pumpkin pie taste, but also something a little different? Sugar Mama’s offers delightful pumpkin whoopie pies. For the uninitiated, whoopie pie originated on the east coast, sandwiching a creamy filling with two pieces of cake – in this case, cake with awesome pumpkin flavor. Those who love the fall flavors but don’t eat gluten should inquire about a batch of gluten-free pumpkin cupcakes.