Kitchen Apps to Help Culinary Students

Technology has allowed for the invention of some pretty neat tools that upcoming chefs, like Texas culinary arts students, can use in the kitchen. Check out these apps to capture and create new recipes with ease.

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November 25, 2014 3 min read

Check out these helpful culinary apps.Technology has allowed for the invention of some pretty neat tools that upcoming chefs, like Texas culinary arts students, can use in the kitchen. Check out these apps to capture and create new recipes with ease.

Timing help
When you are making a multiple-course meal, timing can get tricky. Figuring out when to put each dish in the oven and remembering how long it needs to cook can be a lot of information to retain at once. KitchenPad Timer is a visual timer that not only keeps track of each dish but also where it is on your stove or in the oven. Just pick a burner on the KitchenPad Timer stove or a quadrant of the oven and punch in the necessary cooking time as well as the temperature setting. The app will then run timers for each individual dish. This is great for prepping multiple meals at once.

Capturing your recipes
People are constantly taking pictures of their food while prepping and, of course, taking photos of the final product. With CHEF CHEF you can use those pictures to help tell the story of how to make a recipe. You can create a recipe and share it with friends, complete with photos of each step. Browse other chefs’ recipes and comment with suggestions or “like” their dishes. If you are working on a recipe and aren’t quite ready to share it with the world, you can save it so that only you can see it. Once you’ve figured out that last finishing touch you can publish it for your fellow culinary arts friends to try.

Check out recipes from famous chefs
Try the James Beard Foundation Vegetables app to see recipes from JBF award-winning chefs. Enjoy recipes like cucumber margaritas, onion fettuccine with parmesan cheese, and Zuni’s vegetable and bread soup from chefs like Charlie Trotter, Alice Waters, Larry Forgione, Mario Batali, Grant Achatz and more. If you are a vegetarian or are cooking for vegetarian guests, this app has some delicious gourmet recipes that are sure to wow your palettes.

Converting measurements
Use iConvert when trying to change measurements from English to metric or SI. You can convert units like temperature, length, weight, volume, time and more with this easy-to-use app. If you find yourself in a country other than your home that uses a different system of measurement you can easily convert almost any measurement to one that you better understand. You can also use the app to convert currency, which is great for grocery shopping in a foreign market.

Other useful apps
With the Substitutions app you can look up things you need to substitute, whether you’ve run out of an ingredient or your guest has an unexpected allergy. Maybe you have a migraine and want to know what foods can be helpful and what ones will worsen your symptoms. You can also search for low-sodium, low-carb and gluten-free substitutions as well as vegan options.

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