May 5, 2015

4 ways to use beer in cookingWhether you’re enrolled in chef schools in Texas, are a resident of the state or just have family and friends down there that you visit, you probably have some level of familiarity with the culinary scene in the area. Throughout its history, Texas has become known as a beacon of culinary excellence. With cities like Austin, Houston and Dallas coming to establish themselves as restaurant hotbeds, more and more foodies are flocking to these areas in search of the perfect meal. What many individuals tend to overlook, though, is that Texas is also the perfect place to go when you’re in search of some of the best beer around. Take a look at this list of some must-visit breweries in Texas and try to visit them as soon as possible.

Lakewood Brewing
Located in Garland, Texas, Lakewood Brewing has quickly become a favorite destination among residents and tourists of the Lone Star State alike. According to Good Bull Hunting, the brewery operates under a Belgian influence, cranking out all sorts of delicious ales for its customers to sample. Though the establishment is slightly younger in contrast to many of its competitors, many feel that it will continue to grow and become a major power in the Texas brewing scene through increasing distribution lines. The brewery offers both a line of year-round beers and seasonal ales brewed to match the spirit of the season. Stop by and try one for yourself!

Man survives on beer and sausage during OktoberfestReal Ale Brewing Company
In all aspects of life, there’s something to be said for tenure. Age brings experience and skill, and this is certainly the case when it comes to perfecting the art of craft brewing. Having first opened its doors to the public in 1996, Real Ale Brewing Co. is reported by Thrillist to have been serving the greater Blanco community for nearly three decades with its brewing excellence. Individuals are drawn to this brewery for its incredible range of different brews, including such favorites as the Iron Swan Ale, Coffee Porter and Devil’s Backbone. An exciting departure from some of the larger operations in Texas, Real Ale Brewing Co. has maintained its identity as a craft and quality shop throughout the growth it has experienced since 1996.

Jester King Brewery
It seems that Austin is continuing to hold strong as one of the most popular destinations in Texas, and its burgeoning brewery scene may be a piece of that equation. According to First We Feast, Jester King Brewery is about thirty minutes to the west of downtown and features an incredible array of unique beers. The brewery owns several acres of land, and guests have the option to sit outside at an array of picnic tables to sip on their beer of choice if the weather is nice. Even better: There’s a great pizza place called Stanley’s just across the way, perfect for snacking after a few brews.