No Egg? No Problem: 3 Vegan Breakfast Recipes

Here are three breakfast recipes that are vegan alternatives with minimal modifications.

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July 7, 2017 3 min read

About 3.7 million American adults identify as vegan, according to a recent Harris Poll. That number grows enormously when accounting for vegans all across the world.

And whether it’s health, sustainability, religion or just plain preference that’s dictating consumers’ transitions to veganism, one thing is clear: Culinary arts students will need to be hip to the latest vegan recipe trends as they learn more about the art of food and move into the workforce.

One of the best places to start is by experimenting with vegan breakfasts. Here are three breakfast recipes that are vegan alternatives with minimal modifications:

Stack of pancakes with fresh berries and honey

1. Vegg Scramble

Enjoy the simplicity of scrambled eggs but want to expand your cooking horizons beyond just a few eggs in a skillet?

The Vegg Scramble is still super easy to make but contains a few extra steps to ensure you’re using eggless products. The Vegg is a common egg substitute made from soy protein milk, nutritional yeast and a touch of salt – all you have to do is mix it with a little bit more soy milk, whip with a spatula as normal and wait for the scramble to take shape.

“Culinary arts students will need to be hip to the latest vegan recipe trends.”

From there, you can add in other vegan options such as cashew cheese, chives and spinach.

Simple as that.

2. Chickpea flour pancakes

Though traditionally made with egg batter, pancakes can be veganized by using chickpeas instead.

Using chickpea flour, garlic powder and black salt and pepper, add water and finely chopped veggies like red peppers to the mix. Grill in a skillet and top with avocado, cashew cream, berries or any nonvegan option of your choosing.

Many people view these pancakes as more than just a breakfast meal; the chickpea flour base can easily be utilized as tortilla-like shell and topped with tomatoes, sauces, onions and greens – a savory wrap to eat on the go.

You also have room to adjust the quantity of water used depending on how soft you prefer pancakes to be, just keep in mind that the chickpea variety will never be as fluffy as regular batter-based pancakes. Opting for almond milk and egg substitutes instead of water could help in this department.

3. Vegan quiche

A breakfast staple, quiche is a diverse dish that can accommodate many different types of personal preferences.

Instead of egg, use avocado, broccoli florets and mushroom – be sure to include potato flour, nutritional yeast and vegetable stock to hold it all together.

For the crust, baking powder, salt and pepper, wholegrain spelt flour and flaxseed form a sturdy, tasty base.

For additional taste and quiche-like qualities, include cashew cream or a meltable vegan cheese.

These recipes can be made within the same length of time as their nonvegan counterparts given that all the ingredients are on hand, which could be the biggest challenge in crafting eggless breakfasts.

So roll up your sleeves and conquer the (vegan) breakfast of champions – no big deal, right?

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