Non-Traditional Margaritas for Your Cinco de Mayo Celebration

We've all had a strawberry margarita with sugar crystals clinging to the rim and a berry, carefully perched along the side. Why not get a little more creative for Cinco de Mayo?

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May 5, 2015 3 min read

margWe’ve all had a strawberry margarita with sugar crystals clinging to the rim and a berry carefully perched along the side. While they can be tasty, there are many other great versions of this tequila-filled beverage that you can make. As an Austin culinary arts student, you’re likely familiar with, and even celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Check out these recipes for a non-traditional margarita that will liven up your May 5th:

Jalapenos revenge 
Does your group of friends enjoy hot, spicy foods? If so, you’ll want to try this recipe from Show Me The Yummy. The bloggers infuse tequila with jalapenos to make their own version of the drink. Simply place three whole jalapenos in the bottom of a mason jar and add a bottle of tequila. Store the alcohol in a cool and dark place for at least 24 hours and even as long as a week if you want a really hot bottle of tequila. When it comes time to make the margaritas, muddle some pineapple at the bottom of a cocktail shaker. Add ice, lemon, lime, and pineapple juice. Then pour in triple sec and your newly infused tequila. Shake it up. Ask your guests if they would like the pulp in or out and then strain accordingly. Rub a lime along the glass rims and place them upside down on a cutting board coated with salt. This will give you a delicious coating that goes well with the spiced beverage. Add ice to the glasses and then pour the drinks and enjoy!

459980795-300x199Strawberry margarita Jello shots
Let’s have a little (responsible) fun with Jello shots. Ditch the tiny plastic cups and instead make them inside of strawberries! Bakers Royale uses a strawberry huller to easily remove the green part of the fruit and leave a hole where the margarita will go. Then, cut just enough off the pointy tip of the berry so that it stands up and will not fall, spilling the Jello mix. Be sure you have not cut a hole into the missing core of the strawberry, allowing the mix to leak out.  Now, make the Jello mix (strawberry goes with the theme but you could really do whatever kind you’d like) and add tequila and Cointreau to it. Stir and then pour it into the strawberries. Be sure to fill them to the very top as the finished Jello will sink a little. Chill the shots overnight and dip them in salt before serving. Just be sure no kids are able to reach them, as they look like delicious candies. You can always make alcohol-free ones for the kiddies, but be careful not to mix up the two. Perhaps go with one color Jello for the grown-up version and one for the ?kids’.

Frozen lime margaritas with a sangria swirl
If you can’t decide on a margarita flavor, this is the drink for you. Virtually Homemade combines store-bought sangria (although you can make your own) with oranges, Grand Marnier, lime concentrate and agave to create a smoothie. Freeze the sangria until solid and then blend it together with the agave until it has a slurpee texture. Then place the margarita ingredients in a blender and mix until it is smooth. Coat the rim of your chosen glasses with sugar. Layer the margarita mix with the sangria until they are nearly full. Finally, use a straw to swirl it, creating a maroon sangria streak. Add a lime wedge to the rim and have a blast celebrating Cinco de Mayo.

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