September 4, 2015
Make sure your apples can withstand high temperatures for the tastiest apple pie.

Make sure your apples can withstand high temperatures for the tastiest apple pie.

Nothing says fall like apple picking. Orchards are the perfect place to pick the the freshest apples. However, knowing the difference between apple varieties and how they are best served is vital information if you’re attending cooking school in Texas. Here is the low-down on how to make certain dishes and which apples to use:

For apple pie
Tart apples are an acquired taste when consumed raw, but cooking and baking them is another story. Granny Smith and Winesap are considered sour apples. Their flesh is crunchy and firm while their insides are tangy and juicy. Granny Smith have a green exterior while Winesap are two-toned with red and green flesh. The trick for choosing the best type of apple for pie making is not solely in the taste but instead how the apple withstands heat. Because these types of apples are firm, they hold their shape after high temperatures all while maintaining the natural apple taste.

When making applesauce
The right type of apples are key to perfecting homemade applesauce. Making applesauce is a great way to make use of the plethora of apples you picked at the orchard. Cook with apples that have a soft interior and exterior, allowing them to bake at the right pace. The firmer the apples are, the longer they will take to cook, putting them at risk of overcooking. If the apples are too mushy, they’ll taste dull. The right apples will be naturally sweet and won’t require any added sugar, preservatives or chemicals. Here are some apples to use if you’re making your own applesauce:

  • Golden Delicious.
  • Melrose.
  • Yellow Transparent.
  • McIntosh.
  • Cortland.
  • Jonathan.
  • Grimes Golden.
  • Rome.
  • Lodi.
  • Jonagold?.

Perfecting homemade cider
There is nothing better than a fresh mug of warm cider on a fall day. But if you’ve never made your own, it can be tough to know what kind of apples to use. This is your opportunity to became a mixologist. Combining several different kinds of apples in cider is the best way to get the most flavorful cup. First, you’re going to want sweetness. For this, try using the more sugary apples like Golden Delicious, Gala or Red Delicious. Next, add some acidity to the mixture for the sharpness that comes from cider. The best way to go about this is to use tart apples such as Gravenstein, McIntosh, Northern Spy, Winesap or Liberty. Lastly, round out the flavors with a bittersweet taste. These kinds of apples are high in tannins, which are substances found in apples that give body to fermented beverages. Some of these apples that can add complex flavors to cider are Dolgo Crabapple, Cortland, Newtown, Foxwhelp and Porter’s Perfection. Be sure to get creative with your mixes to curate your own blend of cider with preferred flavors.

Be sure to wash your produce before you eat it. Apples are known to be one of the most contaminated fruits out there because they’re sprayed with pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals. Scrubbing your apples before you eat them can rid of any harmful bacteria from where the produce was grown.